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    This is the Bonus and ultra coral list

    Limited Edition - 3 Frags from this list gets you one pick during the LE Round - NO limit to the number of picks you can earn - Any two of your three frags can be the same --For Example - Two frags of Red Hornets and one frag of Becker Tort earns you one LE ticket


    SC super freak 1 polyp

    Zoas and Palys

    5 polyps - Bella Donna
    5 polyps - Strawberry Wines
    5 polyps - Red Hornets
    5 polyps – Diablo Peaches
    5 polyps - Sparkling Cider PE
    5 polyps – Blue Shurikins
    5 polyps – YR Scrambled Eggs
    5 polyps – King Midas
    5 polyps – YR Rainbows
    5 polyps – YR Ultra Organism
    5 polyps – Pink Hippos
    5 polyps - Tyree Blue Eye Devils/Blue eyed Girls
    5 Polyps - Chong Bongs
    5 Polyps - Sakura Sunrise
    5 polyps- Vivid Rainbows
    4 polyps - Vivid Red Stingers
    4 polyps - Martian PE
    4 polyps - RC Blue Sapphire
    4 polyps - daisy dukes
    4 polyps – Ding Dang People Eaters
    4 polyps – 5 Color Rainbow
    4 polyps- Jokers/Purple heart zoa
    Punk rockers 4 pp

    3 polyps – Blue Eyed Blondes
    3 polyps - Candy Apple Pink
    3 polyps – Fruit Loops
    3 polyps - Yellow Mamba PE
    3 polyps – Hawaiian Sticky Punch
    3 polyps – Asterina Pink
    3 polyps - Raptors Rainbows
    3 polyps - pink auroras
    3 polyps – Cherry Charms
    3 polyps - Eternal Sunshine Paly
    3 polyps - Aussie Rainbow Palys
    3 polyps – Mary Janes
    3 polyps - night crawlers
    3 polyps - Dark Phoenix PE
    3 polyps – Candy Apple Reds
    3 polyps – Oxides
    3 polyps – YR Pluto Passion
    3 polyps – YR Toxic Planet
    3 polyps – Vampire/Vampires in Drag
    3 polyps – Purple Hornets
    3 polyps – Blue Rhinos
    3 polyps - Tyree Pink Elephants
    3 polyps - Rich Reefer Afterburners
    3 polyps - Super Saiyans

    2 polyps - Wow Paly
    2 polyps - White Velvet
    2 polyps - Orange PPE
    2 polyps – Bleeding Hearts
    2 polyps - Time Machines

    2 polyps – Spiderman
    2 polyps - Hawaiian Whites
    2 polyps - Wonka Berry PE
    2 polyps - Pink Hallucination
    2 polyps – Utter Chaos
    2 polyps - ARC Woodstock
    2 polyps - Prometheans
    2 polyps – Nightmare
    2 polyps – YR Trix R4 Kids
    2 polyps - Darth Maul
    2 polyps -Electric Oompa Loompa palys
    2 polyps- Space Monster Zoas
    2 polyps JF hot lips
    2 polyps JF butt munchers

    1 polyp - Black Hole Suns
    1 polyp - Aztec Sundial
    1 polyp - Princess Toadstool
    1 polyp - God of War
    1 polyp - Flaming Sun
    1 polyp - Strawberry Shortcake PE
    1 polyp - Valentine's Day Massacre
    1 polyp – Blue Agave
    1 polyp- JF Crazy Lady
    1 polyp - Diablo Corals Orange Maul
    1 polyp - Red Halo PE
    1 polyp - My Clementines
    1 polyp - Red Devil PE
    1 polyp – Scarface
    1 polyp - YR Bubble Yum


    1 Head - Dendro
    2 Heads - Three Color Acan
    2 Heads – YR Rainbow Dash Acan
    3 Heads - Red/Green Blasto Merletti
    1 Eye Fruit Loops Chalice
    1 Eye Hells Eyes Chalice
    1 Eye Golden Galaxy Chalice
    2 Eyes JF Jack O lantern Lepto(1/2" by 1/2" Minimum)
    2 Eyes - Baby's Breath Favia
    2 Eyes - War and Peace Favia
    2 Eyes - OG Mummy Eye Chalice
    2 Eyes - AC Strawberry Watermelon Chalice
    2 Eyes – YR Moons of Endor Chalice
    2 Eyes – YR Crystal Flame Chalice
    3 Eyes – YR Grape Ape Favia
    3 Eyes - YR Purple Monster Watermelon Chalice
    3 Eyes - Bubble Gum Monster Chalice
    3 Eyes YR Purple Monster Watermelon Chalice
    3/4” -Cherry Blossom Cyphastrea
    3/4” - Riddler Pectina


    3/4” ORA Green Planet
    3/4” ORA Pearlberry
    3/4” ORA Red Planet
    3/4” True Palmer's Blue Millepora
    3/4” Karl's Candlelight
    3/4” Bubblegum Millepora
    3/4” Rouge Milliepora
    3/4” Rommel’s Rainbow
    3/4” ATL Shades of Fall
    3/4” JF Blue Flame
    3/4” ATL Raspberry Table
    3/4” Pink Jade
    3/4” Palau Acro
    3/4” 30k Lokani
    3/4” 20k Lokani
    3/4” Strawberry Fields
    3/4” Paletta's Pink Tip
    3/4” Clint's Red Stag
    3/4” Caution Austera
    3/4” Exotic frags tanzanite terror
    3/4” Red Robin Stag
    3/4” Reeftech Starburst Monti
    3/4” E -Corals Unknown
    3/4” Tyree's Rainbow Stylo
    3/4" Tyree's Ultimates blue stag
    3/4” Tyree Tenius Super Blue
    3/4” Strawberry Lemonade Acropora
    3/4” Upscale Microclados
    3/4” YR Crayola Plana Acropora
    3/4” YR Thorny Rose Millepora
    3/4” Becker Tort
    3/4” Bubblegum digi
    3/4” $500 Efflo
    3/4” RR Flaming Orchid
    3/4” RR The Vinh
    3/4” Copps Hulk Millie
    3/4” ORA Shortcake
    3/4" Noob Pink Acropora
    3/4" Purple Loripes Acropora
    3/4" Kberry
    3/4" Multicolor Horrida Acropora
    3/4" Vivids Neon Green Acropora Caroliniana
    3/4" Plum Crazy Acropora
    3/4" CRC Green Jean Acropora
    3/4" Justin's Arctic Berry Acropora
    3/4" Green Dragon Acropora
    3/4" Swedes Oodalolly
    3/4" ORA Pink Stylophora
    3/4" Dalton Tort
    1" Schnozzberry
    1" BC Splendid Gremlin Turaki
    1" Napolean
    1" Yellow Tip Austrea
    1" Lime in the Sky
    2" ORA Borealis
    2" ORA Joe the Coral
    2" ORA Blue Voodoo
    2" ORA Bellina
    2" Jedi Mindtrick Monti

    Ultra Frags - 3 qualifying frags from this list will qualify you for one ultra round pick. NO limit to the number of picks. All three frags can be the same - unlimited duplicates are allowed


    1 polyp - Jawbreaker Mushroom

    Zoas & Palys

    2 polyps – Black Hornet
    2 polyps - True Sopranos
    2 polyps – Yellow Jackets
    2 polyps - KH Sunburst Ultra

    1 polyp - Full Spectrum Paly
    1 polyp - True Bowser Paly
    1 polyp – Dragon Ball
    1 polyp – Campfire
    1 polyp - JF Bloodshot
    1 polyp – Donatello Paly
    1 polyp – Hallucinations
    1 polyp – Seductions
    1 polyp – Adonis
    1 polyp – Pink Krakatoa


    1 Head Golden Torch Coral
    2 Heads Rainbow Acan(4 or more colors)
    3/4" Space Invader Pectina
    1 Eye YR Doomsday
    1 Eye WWC Jelly Bean
    1 Eye My Miami Chalice
    1 Eye Strawberry Sherbet Chalice
    1 Eye Ros-Sco Purple Rim Chalice
    1 Eyes Hypnosis
    2 Eyes YR Rainbow Twister Chalice
    2 Eyes WWC Hologram
    2 Eyes BPC Flame Thrower
    2 Eyes Bazooka Joe
    2 Eyes Rastafarian
    2 Eyes WWC Super Girl
    3 Eyes Pink Boobies
    3 Eyes Kryptonite


    3/4”" Ice Fire Echinata
    3/4” Purple Monster (Tyree or Eddie's)
    3/4” Strawberry Shortcake
    3/4” Mille Madness
    3/4” Rainbow Mille
    3/4” Raspberry Cheesecake
    3/4” Tierra Del Fuego
    3/4” Somewhere over the Rainbow
    3/4” Purple Snowflake
    3/4”Reef Raft Avenger Acro
    3/4” Joe Knows Rainbow Acro
    3/4” Purple Dragon
    3/4” YR Raspberry Prostrata
    3/4” Blue Matrix
    3/4” Copps King Tut Acro
    3/4” YR Yellow Stinger/ Bannana Lokani
    3/4” Oregon Tort
    3/4” ATL Raspberry Lemonade Nasata
    3/4” YR Califlower
    3/4” Mr Pacman
    3/4” Superman Table
    3/4” Rainbow Acro
    3/4” Sunkist Millie
    3/4” Dragon Tails
    3/4” Snowcone Prostrata
    3/4" Rossco's Saramentosa Acro
    3/4" R & M Aussie Acro
    3/4" Rossco's Rainbow Acro
    3/4" PC Rainbow Acropora
    3/4" WT Mother of Pearl Acropora
    3/4" Ultimates Rainbow Acropora
    3/4" RR Skittles
    3/4" Thanos
    3/4" Rainbow Loripes
    3/4" RMF Last Dragon
    3/4" Tyree Blueberry Stars
    3/4” RR Prometheus
    3/4" JF Flame
    1” Red dragon

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    Swap Guidelines

    Each person swapping corals needs to buy a wristband and bring three frags in separate clear plastic containers.

    Spectators are welcome at no charge.

    Styrofoam containers, Tupperware, and plastic bags will not be accepted. Appropriate containers will be available at the door for a small fee.

    The minimum size for the frags is: (unless specified by the Ultra/LE list)
    SPS 1” min
    LPS/Chalices 2 polyps/heads/eyes
    Zoas/Palys 3 polyps

    Example of frags for basic participation: (1) Orange Setosa (1) Ponape Birdsnest (1) Eagle Eye Zoa

    If you are new to the hobby or unable to supply 3 frags, you can visit our local sponsors.
    Bonus Rounds
    There will also be two different bonus rounds: The Ultra Round (very unusual and not often available corals) and the Limited Edition Round (unusual and desirable, but more commonly available corals).

    Ultra Round
    To participate in the Ultra round, a Swapper will need to bring 3 frags from the Ultra Frag list for each Ultra round ticket. Each ticket will allow the Swapper to pick one coral during the Ultra round. The Ultra round will be the first of the bonus rounds so this will allow the Swapper to get the first chance at picking.

    Limited Edition
    To acquire a ticket for the Limited Edition round, a Swapper will need to bring 3 separate and distinct frags from the LE list. If a Swapper is unable to bring 3 corals from the LE list but still wants to participate in the LE bonus round, he can bring in 10 common frags to acquire 1 ticket. To keep things fair, only of two of each type of coral will be accepted towards the required 10 frags for each bonus round ticket

    Example of frags for LE bonus round
    3 polyps King Midas Zoas, 3/4” of Red Robin SPS, and 2 Eyes of Original Mummy Eye Chalice (all from the LE list)
    – OR –(2) Ponape Birdsnest, (2) Purple Monti Cap, (2) Red Digis, (2) Pink Birdsnest, (2) Yellow Zoa frags (10 common frags)

    Ultra and LE frags will also be considered the required entrance frags. You do not need to bring the three entrance frags in addition to your LE or Ultra Frags

    Additions to the Ultra and Limited Lists – Swapper may submit the name(s) of corals he feels should be considered for the LE or Ultra list. If accepted for a list, a minimum frag standard will be specified.

    Corals that are excluded from the Swap entirely: Kenya Tree, Xenia, Purple Clove Polyps, Green or Yellow Star Polyps, Anthelia, brown button polyps. These may be brought for freebies, but they will not work towards the entrance requirements. Please ask prior to the Swap if there are questions about specific corals.

    Please place the corals in individual, clear, water-tight containers. Appropriate containers and lids can be purchased at Smart & Final. Clear cups make it much easier for Swappers to see what coral is inside without having to remove the lid. Each container must be labeled with the Swapper’s name and other information that clearly identifies the coral, lighting requirements as well as flow. If the given name for a frag is not known, a small description will work. Use labels, paper and tape, or a marker directly on the clear lid. Please make sure it is legible!

    Clear containers and lids will be available for purchase at the check-in table. If corals are placed in non-clear containers, Swappers will be asked to purchase and transfer the corals into clear ones.

    Check-in will start at 11 am and swapping will start at approximately 12:30 pm. Each person that meets the requirements to participate in the Swap will be issued a colored bracelet during check-in. The picking order will be announced 15 minutes prior to picking (estimated 12:15 pm). Please make sure to check-in to get a bracelet; the bracelet is required for entrance into the Swap Area.

    Picking Order
    Those that qualify for the Ultra round will receive a ticket for each qualifying 3 Ultra round frags. Those Swappers that qualify for the LE Round will receive a ticket for each qualifying 3 LE round frags or 10 common frags. All these tickets will be issued during check-in. There are no limits on how many bonus round tickets a Swapper may receive.

    Picking will then take place in the following order:
    Ultra Round: Swappers will have 5 minutes to choose a frag from the tables for each Ultra ticket they hold.
    Limited Edition Round: Swappers will have 5 minutes to choose a frag from the tables for each LE ticket they hold.

    Regular Swapping Rounds
    After the bonus rounds are up, the general swap will then begin. Picking order will follow the standard up and back orientation (1-2-3-4-5-6) then back (6-5-4-3-2-1) then back (1-2-3-4-5-6) repeating until all frags are gone. The first round will be for 3 minutes; successive rounds will be shorter and shorter. This will continue until all frags are cleared from the tables.

    No one will be allowed in the Swapping Area prior to the start of the event except for Swap Volunteers. The Swap Area will be emptied of individuals after each round and corals may be resorted on the tables in between rounds.

    Food and soft drinks may be available for purchase from an outside vendor during the swap.
    No outside alcohol allowed.
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    too far :( maybe next year when i get my license
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    Thanks Kim.

    I can’t see the bonus/ultra coral list (evil overlord FB won’t let me) but I assume rules are otherwise similar to ours? Bring at least 3 different corals not on the banned list (which is probably similar to our list)?

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