New website up, looking for feedback from my BAR family.

Discussion in 'Fish Doctor' started by fishdoctor, Jan 25, 2018.

  1. fishdoctor

    fishdoctor Sponsor Staff Member

    Hello Bay Area Reefers, and happy 2018!
    I just launched a new website and wanted to get some feedback from this group of experienced reef keepers. What do you think so far?
    My goal is to keep it simple and add new products weekly. I am trying to avoid having an overwhelming amount of product on the website with the focus being selling only the best available products and WYSIWYG corals. I am aware that my service page is lacking and I need to add a gallery of aquariums that I service, but IMO that's secondary to getting products up and fine-tuning the user experience.
    Appreciate any feedback you have positive or otherwise.
    Thanks in advance and
    Happy Reefing all!


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  2. I love it. It's beautiful, but most importantly it's easy to use and navigate.
  3. capescuba

    capescuba Supporting Member

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  4. Fish Boss

    Fish Boss Supporting Member

    First off, accessed the site from my phone. Very easy to use, very clean looking, I think I like the chat function the most, BUT I don't like how the chat "button" is a bar that goes across the top of the screen and it overlaps the menu button. I think it should be isolated to the top left corner where the message bubble is. Also, I clicked the livestock link, but it took me to services, not sure if that was my fat finger that messed up or overlapping buttons again. Once again, very nice site, but I would fine tune the border of the link buttons
  5. capescuba

    capescuba Supporting Member

    Also, when I looked at the reactor I was hoping to see more spec - sizes in particular :)
  6. rygh

    rygh Supporting Member

    Hated it. (Sorry, but true)

    Went to the website using the link above, and there was a big popup demanding my email, with no obvious way to close or bypass it.
    I am not big on getting on email lists, so I left.

    (Mac, Safari, which might make a difference)
  7. Vhuang168

    Vhuang168 Supporting Member

    There wasn't a big X on the upper right hand corner?

  8. rygh

    rygh Supporting Member

    Ahh, I guess there is.
    But perhaps black on very dark blue is not the best color scheme.

    Probably my anti-popup bias showing a bit also.
  9. fishdoctor

    fishdoctor Sponsor Staff Member

    Thanks I appreciate that I'm good at fish, and not always the technical stuff and this is why ask for help, you rock capescuba!

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  10. fishdoctor

    fishdoctor Sponsor Staff Member

    I appreciate your honest opinion and understand the email list pop-up is a bit annoying but that's the norm to create an email list these days. I'll see if I can change the color scheme on that pop up to make closing it easier. If everyone hates it I'll take it down, lol. I'm trying to appeal to people who want high quality corals wysiwyg, and my service and I figure most people who want either are willing to close the pop up and just ignore that prompt for their email.
    Again really appreciate you taking the time to look at it and give me your feedback so I can make some changes based on this feedback.

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  11. coral4me

    coral4me Supporting Member

    If you do put in your email, the text "Thanks for Subscribing! We'll send news to your inbox." on the next page is in that same dark blue very hard to read.
  12. rygh

    rygh Supporting Member

    I do understand the business reasons for email lists. The big issue was that the site
    seemed to absolutely demand it for entry.
    No big deal to click on X, just did not see it at all.

    Ok, now that I know how to see the site.... I did like it.:)
    Simple, easy to use, clean.
    You might want to separate Livestock from Dry Goods.

    For fun I put the purple acro in my cart. (Nice coral)
    Shipping issue! The default was 5 day ground. :eek:
    And I guess only local pickup.

    PS: Next BAR meeting, I want that Purple Acro.
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  13. fishdoctor

    fishdoctor Sponsor Staff Member

    Shipping always a pain in the side thought I had work that out with the options for ground shipping as well as overnight but I'll go in there and figure out what I'm not doing right thanks for the heads up. Try and see if I can hang onto that purple acro for you.. i'll at least save it for after the coral farmers market.. I appreciate your feedback without it I don't think I'll ever make it work.. lol

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  14. jorahx4

    jorahx4 Supporting Member

    My .02,

    I'm on my phone so testing out the site from mobile. I clicked on the menu thing in the top right corner and was a little surprised shop or services weren't the first option. As a consumer I want the fastest and easiest way to get to spending money. Maybe put the less desirable stuff later in the list.


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  15. ashburn2k

    ashburn2k Webmaster

    Social media should be part of contacts/contact us

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  16. tankguy

    tankguy BOD

    Easy to use but I tried giving my email ( don't want to miss any updates ) and it said please submit a valid email. It was a valid email
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  17. fishdoctor

    fishdoctor Sponsor Staff Member

    This is awkward, Bob I will validate you!
    Is there something special about your email? Technology always talking back, how dare the machine tell you no. Lol

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  18. fishdoctor

    fishdoctor Sponsor Staff Member

    Thanks for the suggestion, changes to links have been made.

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  19. fishdoctor

    fishdoctor Sponsor Staff Member

    I agree with you and have changed the links in order of importance... thank you

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  20. fishdoctor

    fishdoctor Sponsor Staff Member

    I have made the email pop up easier to close with him much larger ask in the bottom right corner should be much more visible. Hope that works and is much less annoying. Now on to looking at the shipping, and trying to designate overnight shipping or pick up on livestock as the only option.. don't want these cheap reefers trying to get five-day ground with their corals.. lol
    Thanks for the feedback, it is very much appreciated. I'm trying to respond to everyones suggestions promptly to get this ball rolling and the website refined into something people enjoy using. Have a great weekend.

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