Ofzakaria table Efflo


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Hi forum, I have one Efflo frag for give away. It's an inch or so, but colored up nicely.
Same rules applys,

- must be supporting member
- grow out the coral you receive, frag it when larger enough, and distribute AT LEAST 2 frags as large or larger than what you got to other members before you trade it or swap it.
- Must have a tank journal to show your system can sustain sps.
- pls provide updates every so often, including pics

For now this is the mother colony pic. Will update the frag pics later.

in the right condition mid speed grower.
Like high flow high light,
I have it mid section of the tank.
Grew under LED T5 combo.
My system is ULN but I think it will adapt to any system that can grow sps...

My system parameters:
Salinity 35ppt
Alk 7
Ca 490
K+ 400
No3 0.5
Po4 0.05
If you want a frag, feel free to email me on


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Yeah it looks like a nice Efflo, hell most Efflos turn out nice. I'm not sure I'll have room in my tank in the big picture of things when it grows out. Which is why I didn't "jump" on it. Would I like a piece, sure, but tables... well they table :D That's a lot of horizontal real estate


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Out of town at the moment but will get pics when i return.

They're doing well before I left.

My litmus gauge is my WD "frag"...which is more like a tiny nub leftover from being buried. :)


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@ofzakaria my haphazard ways continue to pay off. Good amount of growth and coloring in the last few weeks.

Efflo has completely covered the plug almost and all the other frags are catching up.

The BC rainbow is picking up greens at the moment...

Who needs a doser! Lmao

Daylights, no filter...



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@ofzakaria can't find the right dbtc thread for this other one but it's similarly fully encrusted the plug, and looks to be developing a few vertical nubs...

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It's this one. Why do not you post there..great progress man.


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It's this one. Why do not you post there..great progress man.
Couldn't find it but now I can! :)