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ORA Purple chalice

I have one or maybe two of these if anyone is interested. It was bought as an inexpensive first chalice and has done well. Planning on bringing a couple to the frag swap too.
Really only have an iPhone cam, pics aren't very good. It is purple with purple eyes. Jess, you got one if you want it. One more up for grabs. Zep, I'll be as far south as Fremont this weekend sometime
i will take it i have had awesome groth with lps with the reefbrites all of mine are showing happy faces since going full power
Mike I have killed two previous chalice DBTC corals. Other coral grows fine in my tank. Not sure why this variety is not, and not sure I want to keep experimenting given my record. I may try to pick one up at the swap. Thanks.
Have 1-2 more for rockscaping meeting or pickup in sf. Post and pm please. Update status no matter what! Put back in a couple please! Grows well with a pretty high level of light for chalices. Used to reefbrites, 6"s down


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Im gone this weekend but could possibly hook up during the week. If not we can do it when you come back