Others in the Sunnyvale area near Los Altos?

Discussion in 'Welcome!' started by l8_apex_it, Oct 9, 2017.

  1. l8_apex_it

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    Any reefers in the Sunnyvale area? I've been reefing since 96 and always interested in chatting with others and learning other ways of doing things. Anyone in the area around 85 and Fremont area of Sunnyvale interested in chatting about your tank, setting up tank tours, etc.? It is always good to meet other local reefers and know who to turn to for water test verification, help, frag swaps, etc.

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  2. I would love to chat with you. Facetime, Skype, Aol Messenger...
  3. xcaret

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    The south bay is heaven for reefers!
    You will find in BAR the best folks around the hobby.

    There's a get together next Saturday in Pacifica, good chance to meet people.
    Events are normally held in the east bay, Hayward's Chabott College.
  4. Nah nah the East Bay Reefers are the Best Folks !
  5. l8_apex_it

    l8_apex_it Guest

    Will reach out to you at some point DBSS. I can't make the meet in Pacifica this weekend.

    I have a brother in law in Elk Grove, but other than that no one else to banter with, exchange ideas, frags, etc. I would really like to meet some others near by.

    I was a East Bay'er in the beginning and now a South Bay'er. I must say the East Bay has had more shops over the years. I remember years ago Tropical Paradise was great. I watched Aquarium Concepts move a number of times starting off of Winton. I digress...
  6. you do have Neptune which is Great. Robert is on the forum and he's very receptive and very encouraging. I've valued Robert's presence on the board
  7. l8_apex_it

    l8_apex_it Guest

    Yes - Robert is great. Nice store and selection too. I work near California Reef so that is good too. Matt is a pleasure to talk with as well.
  8. Lucky you!'
    I sometimes go to the LFS on my lunchbreak instead of eating lunch!

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