Pod Explosion in Water Column?


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I woke up this AM and had a bunch of smallish flecks floating in the water column.

My question is whether this could be pods, and if not, what else it could be? Also if it is pods, is there anything to do?

A few facts:
1. Bought a mandarin dragonet a while back. Haven’t seen it once (planned to stock pods). Never have seen it die either but...weird
2. Tried to load pods for it (tigger, tisbe, etc.) two tigger pods 2 weeks ago, one bottle of tigger / tisbe earlier this week
3. Did an 8g water change last night. Very little sentiment kicked up
4. This AM water looked like this.

Won’t let me upload a video.
5. All livestock and coral seem happy and healthy

sg 1.026
Alk 7.2
Phosphate .03
Nitrate .25
Temp 76

Livestock: clown, leopard wrasse, starry blenny, bar goby, crabs, snails (mandarin MIA?)
Corals: mixed reef

Any thoughts appreciated on what to do.

My goal would be to have a mandarin in there, but know it’s a tiny tank.

Questions from my side:
1) if I’ve never once seen the mandarin in 3 months, probably dead?
2) probably pods in the water column? Any other options?
3) anything to do here?

Thanks y’all!!

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I'm seeing a fuzzy blue box of a picture with a ton of reflections, salt/water spots dripping down the glass and some coral, you're going to have to circle some things if you want me to notice them.

I've had pods (or something) growing in my tank. They were in a few specific spots 24/7 and looked almost like a swarm of fruit flies.

I've seen little tiny clear shrimp come up in the water column at night in systems as well.

Sadly the mandarin is probably gone.

In general, if it's on a frag and I don't know what it is I kill it. If it's already in my tank, I'm not experiencing any problems, and I don't know what it is I'm thankful for the diversity and go on with my day.

If you can catch some in a small container and get it to the middle of SF I'll take a few pictures under a microscope.


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Yeah happy to grab a sample. One day later still tumbling around.

I’ll PM you!

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