Reef Photography Meet-Up (Planning)

Can you attend a photography BAR get together on Feb 13 or 14 at 1:00?

  • Yes - Sat 2/13 is best.

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2/8: Date change. Looking for photogs to share methods. See below.

A few BAR members are planning to host a reef tank photography virtual meetup Valentines/Presidents' Day Weekend (Sat Feb 13 or Sun Feb 14). The event will be similar to the one held back in August. The event will be open to members and guests.

After the presentation portion, members and guests share how they take pictures of their tank, corals, and fish.Whether you’re beginner, advanced hobbyist, or a pro -- let's talk reef tank photography!

If you would like to share how you take photos of your tank let us know below!

While we have the presentation part ready (@Corallus' from August on the basics), we're looking for members with all types of experience with tank photography to share best practices. If you're a beginner with a smartphone and you want to share how you do it without all the gear, we are interested! If you're advanced to pro photographer and open to sharing some techniques and tell us about your gear, we are interested.

With this just a couple weeks out -- and on Valentines Day/Presidents' Day weekend -- we've got a quick poll above to see how well this works (or doesn't). Let us know please.

The event will start at 1:00 and will end around 3:00, depending on the number of participants and where the discussion goes.
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Awesome! Thanks for organizing another one of these. I’ll hopefully be able to join but am unsure due to the long weekend.

Id like to get a camera sometime this year so any suggestions or features/specs to look for in a tank/coral camera would be great.


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@SaltyManos ???​



I know that there are a number reef photographers in our club. It would be great if any of you are willing to participate and share your knowledge and experience. Don't be shy!

We will probably push the date out...


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I’m definitely no expert but I do know my way around an iPhone with the help of an app. I’ll happily share how I take my photos for my IG. So far the app works well for ai/Kessil since that’s what I have used.


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As Will has mentioned, we are pushing the date back to pair-up with an upcoming BOD meeting. When finalized we’ll update the thread on the date.

So far, one smartphone photographer has offered to share what they do to take pics. Thanks @The_Lazy_Reefer!

We need someone who uses a proper DSLR to introduce us to their methods to round-out the event. How ‘bout it? let us know with a reply. It’s a casual show-and-tell.


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I’m still getting my weekend plans ironed out but I could hopefully do the Saturday one if that date is chosen. Doesn’t sound like I could do Sunday. I’m just a lowly iPhone picture taker with nothing to offer besides how to take overly washed out blue photos haha But I’d like to hear what works for others.

I’ll end up being a supporting member again, I just let it lapse when I was planning to deploy but now that I’m staying home instead, I can get back into this group.

Disregard my comments, I’m out for this weekend.
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