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Haven't posted in a while.

Figured I should update.

I have faced some interesting issues over the last three months that I am happy to say I feel I executed on very well. There was a serious talk precipitation issue in the 250 that was draining me dry on 2 part. It went on for months, but with diligent testing the tank experienced zero losses, and I would say all my sticks are showing very strong and sustained growth.

My favorite example of the growth over the last few months is in my Walt Disney. I am so excited to see what it looks like in a year.

I recently ordered a home wrecker which I am excited about and would love to get it into the DBTC at some point, but that could be a bit.

SPS coloration has always been strong under the T5/LED combo, but recently my PO4 has been running around .02 and NO3 <2 there looks to be a bit more POP. It's subtle.

Side note: The new garage tank has been stocked and all fish made it through QT and observtion. Its coming along nicely.

I recently started dosing some of the KZ (Zeo) products. I am interested to see if they have an impact.

Ive started broadcast feeding reef chili more frequently since the nutrients have started to air a bit on on the lower side.

Other than the pictures below, no major updates. Growth is good, color is good, and things have been very stable, even during the precipitation event due to diligent testing (Knock on wood).

February-ish 2021


May 2021


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Awesome tank, Homewrecker takes a while to grow for me, mine just started to encrust but once it start it does it fast
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