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Refugium Light Recommendation


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I want to try starting up a refugium in my RSR 350. Does anybody have lights that they like for that size sump? I’m not running anything extra than the space already dedicated. I haven’t gotten as much research done on the specific lights yet as I’d like to, but figure I could get started with hearing what the community likes and has had success with.


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I run one of these clamp lamps from home depot. Not the best looking, but grows chaeto very well for me. Been running these for years.



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I’ve used a Kessil H380 since it came out and it works great. Maybe a bit overpowered. The power supply died on it recently after 3 years and while I was troubleshooting and getting a new PS from Kessil, I bought a no-name flat panel grow light and mounted it vertically in the front, through the glass. It uses half the watts (45 W) and works as well as the H380, without light spill and without being in the way above the refugium. Only negative is I have to clean the glass because algae grows there preferentially now. But it’s an equal trade-off because it avoids the issue of chaeto over growing upwards and dying at the top, which also blocks light and has to be maintained frequently.

Also the new light costs about the same as the replacement Kessil power supply alone lol.

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