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Did a 20g water change today. Unfortunately it's the biggest I can do with my current setup. That's not really ideal on my 100g system to bring down the iodine and lithium. Things look fine, so I may just keep rolling on with 20g water changed once a week.

The only thing I don't like about the system right now is I have a pretty good amount of algae growth. I'm thinking the nitrate dosing and the large amount of new rocks are doing it. SPS are looking the best they ever have so, I'm just going to keep doing what I’m doing.

Check that. Two things I don't like. The carx has really reduced my overall ph. I need to find a way to raise it a bit. I think I may try raising my alk from 7.5-8 to 8.5-9 ish to see if that helps keep the ph a bit higher. I have turned on my dos to slowly raise the alk and see what happens.

It also hurts because I haven't been able to open windows for a few weeks. Today is the first day I opened windows in over two weeks. My ph has jumped up .03 in only two hours even with the lights dimming.

Readings from today
Sg 1.026
Ph range 7.84-8.22
Alk 7.9 steady
Po4 .03
No3 1
If u will bump ph thru more alk, supliment dose. It will both raise your alk and bump ur ph.
How much hit u took on the ph. I remember ur originsl ph wad pretty high already


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I went to AC today to pick up a few more snails and decided to try out their Aqua Spin. My results are attached.

Carson said that the only one that seems to be constantly off for him so the po4 and I agree. He said everyone seems to say to just move the decimal point over one place to the left, and that's exactly how mine lines up.

Overall, I'd say this is totally worth $12 to double check your tests here and there. Carson said he plans to call API and see if either the tester can't read po4 at this low of a range or if it needs to be calibrated.

My parameters from the same water sample
Alk 8.5
Calcium 475 - Salifert
Mag 1350 Salifert
Po4 .03 - Hanna ULR HI-736
Nitrate 1 - Salifert
Nitrite (I don't check and I'm sure it's not 1
Ammonia (I also don't check and assume it's 0)
Ph 8.05 - BRS lab grade probe and apex (not really a true reading because the water was not aerated for a while)


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So much algae growing in the tank right now even my poor cleaner shrimpmismcovered :D Zoom in and look.