Steinhart Tour 2019


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Great news- the good people at the California Academy of Sciences Steinhart Aquarium have offered to give BAR members a behind-the-scenes tour of the facility!

Date: Sat, June 22, meeting at 10a (Academy opens at 9:30a)
Location: 55 Music Concourse Dr., San Francisco, CA 94118
Cost: Just the entrance to the Academy, no additional tour cost

We will be limited to a total of 16 people (in 2 groups of 8). Signups (and waiting list) will be on a first-come first-served basis by replying with your interest on this thread.

Due to the limited space, the behind-the-scenes tour is for supporting members. If there is available space as of 1 week before the tour (June 15 at 10 am) then non-BAR-member family members may be signed up by replying at that time to this thread.

If your plans change and you cannot attend, please be sure to give up your spot to the next person via this thread as soon as you decide. It would be a shame to have a spot go to waste. If you come to the Academy with children, please make separate arrangements for them while you are on the tour.

Academy rules for behind-the-scenes:
- No children under 6 years old.
- Closed-toe shoes only, and no high heels.
- No food/drink.
- No photography unless approved by tour guide.

We expect the tour to run approximately 1-1.5 hours, but this is a tour they are putting together specifically for us, so it isn’t scripted and could be longer or shorter.

There is possible group pricing, though I’m not sure how much of a discount yet, and it comes with some restrictions. I know that some people already have a membership to the Academy or may want to buy one. There is a minimum of 10 for group-buy ticket discounts and everyone needs to show up at the same time to get in. If you may be interested in this, say so in this thread. If there’s enough interest I’ll look into it further.

The current plan is for Charles Delbeek and Ryan Schaeffer to give us the tours, so it will also be an amazing opportunity to chat with the experts.


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Tour sign-up list (JVU will moderate):

1. Wlachnit
2. JVU
3. 2manyhobbies
4. Mozby
5. Musclebenz
6. starfish222
7. Oakland Evan
8. Rostato
9. Squist
10. pbh-reef
11. Zero Gravitas
12. Corallus
13. OdinDT
14. RandyC
15. treylane
16. Chromis

Waiting list:

1. Reefee
2. L/B Block

On site in case someone doesn’t show:
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Please add me to the list.
RussW has been trying to renew his membership for awhile but can't get online. Who is club tech contact?


Please add me to the list.
RussW has been trying to renew his membership for awhile but can't get online. Who is club tech contact?
Have him try again now, I heard some people’s gmail is working again now

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