Tank built

So I turned a pet smart 36 gallon bow face fresh water aquarium into a saltwat 20220924_152333.jpger reef aquarium I added a sump and over flow I drilled a hole into the glass i have 2 mp10 and 1 mp40 and jeabo 1000 return pump and I have a skimmer s150 running a radion xr15 4gen light and also i order a bigger sump so I can and a refugium and I also order a ecotech L2 return pump which is coming soon I have two black clowns a purple fire fish as well as a 6 line wrasse IMG_4935.jpgIMG_4937.jpg20220913_121652.jpg20220913_123949.jpg20220918_151244.jpg20220918_151313.jpg20220924_152333.jpg20220925_120250.jpg20221119_200140.jpg20220920_125743.jpg