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First off WOW! To be chosen as the “first” tank spotlight amongst my reefing peers. I must admit I always thought it was a little corny and seemingly rehearsed how these chosen tanks always start out with the nominee saying, “I am truly honored”. Now that Mark & Peter have chosen me… WOW, I really am truly honored, and not too sure if I’m worthy. But, here we go.. I’ll give this my best shot. I hope this is not am essay contest, (I have not been in school for over 25 years) please excuse my spelling and run-on sentences.


Hello BAR, my name is Kris Yee, I go by the screen name (Newjack) on the boards.

Like most, I have been involved with fish tanks my whole life. As a young kid I raised every kind of fresh water fish you can think of. I had fancy goldfish,cichlids,arowana, piranha, baha sharks, Oscars, angelfish, discus. You name it, I had it. I was totally happy with fresh water fish, and never thought I would love saltwater fish and reefing as much as I do.

I was introduced to reefing by a good friend of mine that runs a local fish wholesaler here in Hayward. He sold me a used 100 gal. tank and 2 cases of fiji live rock. We set up that tank and it ran for over a decade. It had lots of ups and downs. Mainly, because I had NO idea what it took to keep a reef. I had no problem keeping the fish alive, but the corals never thrived.

Fast forward now to I’m guessing 4 years ago. I decided to make room for my growing kids toys and bookshelf, the 100 gal. tank would have to be finally taken down. My wife and kids love looking at the fish as much as I. So they encouraged me to start another tank.. (now keep in mind, I’ve had other reef tanks set up around the house that have come and gone over the years) but this was the original used tank that started it all. It was a sad day, to a new beginning.

System Profile:

Main display: 75 gallon Oceanic all glass, single overflow

Stand and Canopy: was custom ordered through “Tropical Paradise” a local reef store of the past from here in San Leandro (who remembers them?)

Sump: Oceanic model 1 , All glass sump

Lighting: 2 ecotech Radions,version 3 pro’s. 1 kessil 360 tuna blue, reefbright XHO all blue highlights, and 2 T5 coral blue.

Skimmer: reef Octopus space saver cone skimmer

Return pump: eheim (forgot the model #)

Water circulation: Tunze power head as of now.

Doser: GHL 4 head doser, dosing BRS additives

Auto top-off: spectra pure liter meter

Monitoring: DA reefkeeper

Current System:

I must say I could not be happier with my family’s decision for me to set up another tank. This tank was set up mainly as a mixed reef with primarily easy/hardy corals and fish. Strictly just for viewing enjoyment. I was not trying to accumulate super rare or high dollar corals. I am not into the fancy names of corals. I’m from the “old school” an orange zoa is an orange zoa to me, not an “everlasting gob stopper” or whatever name people want to call them.

I run a very basic system that has proven to work for me in the past. I’m not a tech savvy guy so a lot of the new wifi enabled stuff on the market scares me. I don’t use an Apex, or anything fancy like that. The reefkeeper that is currently on the tank was a “hand me down” from a friend, and honestly after I set it up 4 years ago, I have never touched it again.

BAR had a guest speaker and former president, @Thales. He runs Steinhart aquarium.. But, his speech was about “the lazy mans reef” his style of reef keeping is definitely my style.

I’m not ashamed to say that my reef houses GSP, xenia, and probably some other kind of so called unwanted corals serious reefers don’t like. I strive for a happy thriving reef that grows and grows. In the past year I unfortunately have been losing some corals due to overcrowding. As the corals grow out, I just let them “fight it out”. I know its not ideal, but, I’m lazy. I try to do a water change once a week if my schedule allows.

In closing, I want to THANK BAR, Specifically member @daddio for choosing me/my tank as the “spotlight tank of the month” (To be the 1st) wow, that is unreal, I could not believe it when I got the message that I was chosen to start this incredible thread. I want to thank BAR as a whole community of fish freaks like myself. I have meet so many nice and generous people through this website. I can’t wait to pick the next member out of ALL the awesome people that belong to this club.

So on with some pictures of the my reef. Enjoy & Happy Reefing!

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Interesting tank - I love the variety! I bet each member of your family has a different favorite section of the tank. I will have to take a better look on bigger screen when I get home.
What is on the left under GSP - looks like green tentacles with blue-purple tips?
And what is that anemone in bottom right corner behind chalice?
Could you list your fish?


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in the bottom right, that’s a Tyree elegance. It started as a frag from member @boun11
it’s so big now, it looks like an anenome


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Oh wow, elegance from a frag- nice!
BTW I remember Eddie and Tropical Paradise well. So many interesting things went on there like gigantic live sand filter and high surge clam tank. Also remember frag swaps when we fragged on the spot and those boxes of Fiji live rock.


Peter and I first saw this reef when we were just getting started last year. Kris had offered a frag of Idaho Grape Monti (if you got a frag of this monti from us, it came from this reef) Our first impression of this tank was WOW!! We had never seen a tank that was so full of coral. So many corals, colors, and textures. The tank was absolutely beautiful and full, top to bottom and left to right. It really gave us newbies something to strive for. Thanks for sharing your reefing story, I really enjoyed it.


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Well deserved Kris! Congrats! Your DPV and Mummy Eye are huge!!!

I've seen his tank in person and it's pretty damn amazing! Full of color and life. What is even more impressive is Kris' generosity and willingness to help. He definitely is an asset to our BAR community.
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Congratulations Kris!

I think I see some bare spots on the rockwork you need to fill!

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Good 'ole TP and E. Still remember attending that first meeting, not knowing anyone, as well as the EPM.