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:confused: Just got home from the drive back from Vegas last night at like 10pm. Was to tired to post yesterday sorry. I want to add a few pics of the stuff I brought back or I will just list the new fish additions I guess. Bob you already seen my simple tank setup in person....not much excitement coming.

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You were not even to my house until 10:15! No way you got home before 10:45 or 11. What a long day. Thanks for carrying back my frag.


:confused: Just got home from the drive back from Vegas last night at like 10pm. Was to tired to post yesterday sorry. I want to add a few pics of the stuff I brought back or I will just list the new fish additions I guess. Bob you already seen my simple tank setup in person....not much excitement coming.
Take your time Arnold, include all the pics you want. Don’t let them rush you.


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Apologies for the delay folks! but I now found some time to post. Also for the pictures below, I don't have a nice camera or skills for really nice pics. Everything was taken from my Galaxy S7.

For those who missed Spotlight Tank #2 of Matt and Asia's cool tank setup here is the link.

I hate to disappoint everyone, but my tank is the opposite of most folks tanks - low tech and skimmer less, but more on that later.

Thanks to Matt and Asia to nominate my tank, which they have never seen in person I believe, but my tank needs alot of work before I can get it to where I want it to be. Hopefully someday I can get it close to the 2018 Neptune System's MACNA display tank.


Picture attached below - double click to enlarge

Background on myself:

My name is Arnold for those who don't know me. I have been into fish tanks since I was in high school many years ago. I started trying saltwater in a 40 gallon Aquasystem tank, when I was in college and I was very disappointed that I lost many fish due to my lack of knowledge. While I was able able to keep a few damsels alive corals never did well for me.

After college, when I started working, I invested in books and started learning things from the internet. On one day I came across this club that seemed to meet over in the east bay called B.A.R.E (Bay Area Reef Enthusiast). I was excited to try to attend a meeting. When I showed up, it was a quiet dark room at a Wholesaler (ASAP) with only about 10 people in room. I was kinda of put off by the low attendance. However it turns out, that BARE had some falling out and the people left, were talking about starting a new club. I stayed and listened and decided to join anyways.:D

So it seems I was a founding member of BAR. Along with some others that are around today: Mike - sfsuphysics, Thales - Richard Ross, dswong - Dudely, and I think Capescuba - Dave (who recently returned to the club) to name of few. I guess its been like 15 years now?:eek: I was a BAR BOD member for the next 5 years as Sponsorship Director. Joining the club gave me a wealth of knowledge, I made some good friends, and it was great to finally talk to others who enjoyed the hobby as much as I do. Sometimes my other friends and family don't really understand how much time, effort, and cost it takes to do this.

Anyways, besides being on the BOD for a little while. I have organized a bunch side events ( 10 SF tank Tours, Store tours, Aquarium tours, etc...) for the club and I was even able to be a volunteer at the Steinhart Aquarium for a few years with Matt Wandell. This was all made possible by my connections made from the club. For those who say I win too many raffle prizes:cool:, I always felt it was karma paying me back for the work I did with the club. I recommend you all try it and participate and volunteer what/when you can so we can keep the club going. I have seen membership as high as 200 and as low as 20. Well, enough about me on to the tank.

Tank Info:

My tank is about 15 years old, but some of the live stock is older, that came from the 40 gallon starter I had.
If you want to see some old photos of the tank here is my old thread

Mixed reef with lots of LPS, some SPS, Softies and clams -5 of them currently ( I did lose 1 last month, as you can see in the video but decide to leave the shell in there for now.

4x2x2 120g tenecor tank.- dual overflow -small unknown sump

Iwaki return pump returns 3 pipes into the tank.
2 vortec MP40s pump for additional flow.

Lighting- all my lights are over 2-3 years so will probably need to replace soon
2 Rapid LED Corona lights
1 Kessil A350 wide
1 Reefbrite 48" All blue led fixture
3 Reefbrites 3 watt moonlights that I leave on all day long.

No Skimmer (for past 13 years)- No filter sock - filtration is maintained by 5 gallon water changes once a week, 1 small bag of carbon, and a few clams. Basically the Skimmer pump died long ago, I didn't see and difference in the tank so I never replaced it. I like to say I have a skimmer, but don't use it.

A really old Aquasystem Aquacontroller 3 I use to monitor a few items - (This is now Neptune Systems, I have a classic Apex ready to go when this fails)
I dose lime water twice a week ( 5 gallons drip in) and sometime some iodine
A small fan to maintain temp
a Calcium Reactor
No Heater, No refug. No Cheato, that's it ....pretty simple setup, very lower tech.


It's a heavily stocked tank as you can see from the video and attached pics. I try to list most of the fish and inverts.
1 Powder Blue Tang from Crabby
1 Yellow Tang - 17 years old
1 Onyx clown - 15 years (mate died last year)
2 of Kimmie's clownfish from last swap
over 14 Chromis
3 Red Stripped Cardinals
2 bangaii Cardinals
1 six line wrasse
1 small Blue Tang 3 inches
1 File-fish that eats my aiptasia I had...thinking about loaning him out if others need him.

Just added from MACNA so I hope they make it
1 Flame Angel
2 Mocha clowns in holding
2 Orange firefish (hiding)
1 Dottyback

Corals - trying to keep hardier corals since I know my tank is dirtier than most other tanks around.
Several types of Gorganians
Several Chalices
Several Leather - included the Fiji Yellow you don't see much of anymore
SPS - Purple tip Green Pocillopora
SPS- Pink lemonade - darkend up in my tank

I think I wrote enough.....enjoy the attached pics and lmk if you have any questions.



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Very nice! Goes to prove you don't always have to run all the best equipment to keep fish and coral happy. I remember when the "Fiji yellows" were easy to find. But, now you never see them for sale. Let me know if you ever frag it. I would love a piece for my tank. Great job on the "tank spotlight" this month. I really look forward to seeing all the new tanks every month.


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Don't sell yourself short Arnold, no offense to Neptune, but that's a tank that was a "buy a tank" type of tank. Setup and stuffed with mature corals all over night (or maybe a couple nights), no way to know if that tank is actually sustainable, but yeah it sure looks good over 3 days before all the corals and fish go back to the respective stores (and Vincent). Your tank looks great, and has a track record of working for a long time.


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I saw this tank many years ago during a tank tour and it still looks great today. Thanks for sharing Arnold and hope to see your tank again soon.