This week's amazing new selections!

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    Earl wrasse (males only)
    Flame wrasse (males only)
    Golden rhomboid
    Helfrichi firefish
    Mysteri wrasse
    Horseshoe (Fowleri)tang - two available
    Magnificent foxface
    Barnacle blenny
    Red head goby
    Bali Lubock's wrasse
    Bali flasher wrasse
    Bali true percs
    Blond naso tang
    Black cap basslett
    One spot foxface
    Bangaii cardinal
    Clown head wrasse
    Royal gramma
    Pygmy angel (Atlantic)
    Ultra montipora cap
    Ultra maxima clams (1.5" to 3.0")
    Goniastrea ultra
    Ultra Montipora (assorted)
    Symphyllia brain
    Pipe organ coral
    Red goniopora
    Cultures acros (Indo and Aussie)
    Ultra acans
    Green bubble metallic
    Ultra grade favia
    Branching frogspawn
    Metallic hammer wall
    Toxic Green Hammer (Aussie)
    Metallic green torch
    Metallic red and green lobophyllia
    Fat head DENDROS ....rare!
    Black tubastrea (sun coral)
    Orange dendronepthia
    Metallic Zoanthids (over 40 colonies)
    Acan lords ultra
    Gold torches
    Green sinularia metallic
    Hard tube coco worms
    Red Banded trochus snails
    Peppermint shrimps
    Scarlett legged hermit

    Pictures coming soon!

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