Vote on 2019 BOD

Do you approve the proposed slate of BOD for 2019?

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Coral reefer

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I was supposed to motion for a vote on the proposed slate of directors for 2019 at the recent regional swap, but I did not word things correctly. I only asked for any objections or additional nominations, but we need an official vote. Please cast a yes or no vote in the next 7 days.
Proposed slate
President @Wlachnit
Vice President @JVU
Treasurer @rygh
Secretary @2manyhobbies
Facilities coordinator @glee
Sponsor relations @Bruce Spiegelman
Head webmaster @Ranjib Dey
Officer at large focusing on dbtc revival @Coral reefer


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Well I guess I will be the 1ST Yes for the vote as @Flagg37 only pointed out that no members have voted a 'No', but did not place a vote himself (living in Colorado or not) :p


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Is there a minimum number of votes needed?

Is it only supporting members that are allowed to vote or anyone?


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It has been 11 days since this was opened for a vote and we decided to leave it open for a week. There are 29 yes and zero no votes. The slate has been approved. Congratulations to the old and new members of the BOD for BAR.