Website update planned


Staff member
Just a heads up to everyone that we are planning a major website overhaul.

There are really only a few user-visible problem:
  • A few broken buttons, links, etc.
  • Our emails being marked as spam

But under the hood, the problems are more serious.

And that is combined with not being able to find experts in the club willing
to spend lots of time fixing this. Hardly a surprise, that would be a lot to ask.

So we are hiring some contractors to help port, update, and revitalize the site.
With a key goal of easy maintenance long term.
Most of the changes will be internal. No real plans to drastically change look and feel.

Stay tuned here for more info as this progresses.

General plan:
  • New and slightly updated host server
  • New separate sendmail server
  • Update to new xenForo version
  • Swap custom scripts with standard ones as possible
  • Update custom DBTC scripts
  • Get everything running on new host
  • Test like crazy
  • Then switch it over


Supporting Member
Wow, thanks for moving on this. What a hassle for those involved. Overhaul sounds great.