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What are people bringing to the swap?


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We took inventory today so I'll start. Some corals I had hoped to bring will not be ready by next month. Tentative: 2-color ricordea, blue echinopora, cyphastrea meteor shower, 2 types of gorgonians, 2 colors of candy cane, some shrooms, Hollywood stunner, duncan, turbinaria, cabbage leather, additional players to be named later.
I'll have to take a bit more specific inventory after my camping trip, lots of Gus corals though. And above when I mean "tables" I meant literal tables, not tabling corals :D
Don't everyone speak up at once :D

Orange/Green Lobo x 4
Acan echinata "Orange Crush" x 3
Green Duncan
Encrusting montipora "Mystic Sunset" x 6
Plating montipora "Idaho Grape" x2
Leptoseris (maybe) orange x 2
Leptoseris (maybe) green x 3
Leptoseris (maybe) purple
Favites "War Coral" x3
Acropora "Green slimer" x6
Orange cyphastrea (maybe)
Birdsnest (Blue, green & Orange under royal blue and blue LEDs)
Rhodactis "ROYGBIV" x lots
rose bubble tip anemones (If I can remove them) x2

Easily $20 worth of containers, and I probably should buy a label maker to make my life easier with the lids. Just wanted to get this recorded down somewhere so I don't have to go back and think about what to bring.

Quite a few are Gus' old things, I'm on the fence about keeping some to grow out (but that means keeping a frag tank up and running), so may add more to the list.


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Not too much this time.

My typical forest fire digi
Going to cut up my colony of coops Cali Cali
Maybe some zoas. Gotta check the ultra and bonus list.
Copps Calacali
Green Goblin Anacrapora
Oregon Tort
Red Millepora
Mystic Sunset Monti
Sunset Monti
Monti Spongodes
Green Monti Cap
Red Monti Cap
Green Pocilopora
Multiple frags of most
Purple stylo
Rainbow monti
Mystic monti
Purple haze monti
Sunset monti
Monti setosa
Space invade chalice
Red stop sign chalice
Orange chalice
Blue with red rimmed yellow eyes chalice
Orange cyphastrea
Jack o lantern lepto
Red lepto
Day glo favites
WWC Jelly bean favia
Red monti cap
Orange monti digitata
Cali tort
Red planet
Pink sand dollar monti (porites)
Green toadstools