got ethical husbandry?

What did everyone get from CFM?


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I bought a few basic things....stuff Eric didn't have. forgot names. Orange and purple hammer from chromis, 2 chalices, a red and green lobo, a ricordea. and whatever Devon took out of my bag.


I picked up a pink w/yellow tip goni, a couple acans and a tequila sunrise shroom from Cali Kids and a zoa for my wife's zoa garden. I'll be back with pictures tomorrow.
The tequila sunrise might be the one I recently gave him :) Glad to see it find a good home.


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Picked up this nice Watermelon Alien Eye and Avatar chalices from @Chromis. Also a Acan and Blasto from @CoralExotic.
Bleeding Apple Bowerbanki, Sc Orange Passion, Vivid Confetti, purple hornet, ASD Rainbow Milli, TSA Bill Murray, JF Homewrecker, orange branching hammer, lime in the sky, ARC Fireworks, CB Maleficient

Lots of frags LOL but it was separated across 3 different tanks!