Where should I go this weekend?

Discussion in 'Resources' started by Fenix, Sep 2, 2016.

  1. Fenix

    Fenix Guest

    I just moved to the area (North Bay, San Rafael) and have been having a hard time finding any decent local stores. Before I just order everything online, I would love to drive around this weekend and check out some good LFSs.

    I have a 12 gallon nano that I will be setting up to tide me over until I can start something a little bigger and it would be great if this weekend I could pick up some rock, sand, and water to get it going. All that made the move is the tank, lighting, and mechanical equipment.

    I don't mind driving some distance to see a couple decent stores and to get a good price on preferably some live rock. Dry would be ok since I'm not in a hurry to get any livestock, I just want to get some stuff cycling!

    Any input would be much appreciated.
  2. I'm over in Newark, stop on by and introduce yourself. I have dry rock @ $3per pound right now.
  3. Vhuang168

    Vhuang168 Supporting Member

    Cal reef is a good store!

    Also check out Aquatic Collection and Neptune Aquatics.

    Along the peninsula, there is Ultimate Aquarium and 1 other I can't remember the name of.

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  4. Fenix

    Fenix Guest

    Thanks! I don't think I want to lap the whole bay this weekend so maybe I'll stick to east bay. There doesn't appear to be anything north of the city or near me!
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  5. Benaminh

    Benaminh Guest

    Go to Fish Pros (renamed Aqua Terra) in Cotati, that's my LFS. Ceasar's Tropical Fish in Santa Rosa is hit & miss. The Pet Arcade in San Rafael is a great mom & pop shop for basics. I go there just to support them. Near El Cerrito del Norte BART & Target in San Pablo is Tropical Fish World, somewhat hit & miss, but I like dealing with the owner and I often get a good deal from him. If you have any interest in freshwater systems visit Albany Aquarium in Albany, but they started carrying some saltwater recently which might be worth a look. That's about it. In San Francisco proper, Lucky Ocean Aquarium on Balboa is worth a visit, he gets in ORA fishes and has a good selection of dry goods. One mile away is 6th avenue aquarium, great prices for dry goods, but I wouldn't recommend the livestock; however, it's worth checking out the prices on the fishes to get an idea of the going market rate. Once in a blue moon I buy a fish from them if it just came in from the wholesalers and hasn't been released from the shipping bag. Probably 70% survival rate, which is more an indictment on the wholesaler than the retailer. Ocean Aquarium on Cedar (between Van Ness & Polk) is THE place for freshwater followed by Aquaforest on Filmore in Japantown.
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  6. Fenix

    Fenix Guest

    The Pet Arcade is closed :( I actually live quite close to there so it would have been ideal.
  7. RandyC

    RandyC Supporting Member

    Neptune Aquatics, California Reef Co, & Aqautic Collection get my vote.
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  8. Benaminh

    Benaminh Guest

    Bummer, they were good people :( Last time I drove past them I saw the building was up for sale, but the shop still looked operational.

    I edited my previous post with more recommendations, you should read it again.

    All the other places people have mentioned are near San Jose. I guess they don't realize you're in Marin.
  9. Flagg37

    Flagg37 Colorado member

    Yeah, she's quite a bit closer to you than us south bayers.
  10. MolaMola

    MolaMola Supporting Member

    In East Bay is also Diablo Corals (Concord), All About Fish (Pleasant Hill, I think), Concord Aquarium (very small - I think still in business), Aquarium Concepts (Dublin). I never see the last 3 mentioned here but if you want to make it an East Bay tour there are options. I have seen LR in the past at all but Concord Aq.
  11. RandyC

    RandyC Supporting Member

    Oh yeah, forgot to mention Aquarium Concepts. I actually got my Indonesian LR from there. Got an email saying they were having a 15% sale on most of the store except certain manufactures for this weekend (labor day).
  12. Fenix

    Fenix Guest

    Thank you for your help Benaminh.

    I just grabbed a tub of water, sand, and rock from an unfortunate craigslister that had a tank leak in Newark. So now I'm going to check out California reef and then aquatic collection before hitting lowes and then heading home.

    I had ruled out Fish Pros because of all the scary floating dead pictures on Yelp but maybe I'll give them a look in the future!
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  13. Calde0920

    Calde0920 Guest

    Fish pros is under new ownership. Dudes name is Hari and it's done a full 180 turn around. They have a great selection of fish and also try cesars in Santa Rosa I know this post is a few months old.
  14. Calde0920

    Calde0920 Guest

    Pet arcade closed down unfortunately

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