which copepods stay in rubble?

Discussion in 'Fish and Invertebrates' started by --E--, Jan 24, 2018.

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    I created a few rubble zones to seed pods in dt but I don't know which type to get. One website will say a harpacticoids are pelagic, then another website will say they're benthic... or pelagic as nauplii but benthic as adults... and vice versa. One website contradicted itself saying apocyclops are benthic as nauplii and pelagic for their entire life cycle.

    I don't have a refugium and I have two wrasses. Raising pods outside the dt is not an option. Any way I can keep pods hidden in the rubble? I don't mind buying them once a month if they could last that long.
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  2. daddio

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    Perhaps some amphipods?
  3. Adult Tisbes. YOu can seed the rubble with them after lights are out and squirting them onto the rubble and rock. What kind of Wrasses and what else are they eating? I have 8 or 9 wrasses in mine and all are eating anything. I rarely even see the Leopards looking for pods anymore sine they're always full.

    Also, I'm assuming you don't have a sump since you note no refugium, but even if it's an AIO you can raise copepods in a chamber in the back.
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    who sells adult tisbes?

    two halichoeres

    basic glass rectangle
  5. Alagen, Algaebarn and a few others. I think
    @kinetic was putting an order in this week.
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    The wrasses eat frozen mon-fri. Not around to feed them on weekends. I've bought tiggers but they dont last so I'll try tisbes.
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    Store near me sell tisbe. I've bought a bottle twice so far. Squirted them on the rocks at night with all pumps and lights off. My two clowns had a great time eating them. And I never saw another pod again.

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  8. kinetic

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    Yes! I was waiting to see if anyone wanted to get in on an order from AlgaeBarn. I got their pods before, they're really great. My tank was full of them. The phyto you get too is pretty sweet. Let me know if you want to combine forces. I'm getting a ball of chaeto.
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    I've bought from algaebarn once. Didn't "look" like the bags were full of pods. I think any pods I buy won't survive to adulthood.
  10. Coral reefer

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    You can culture pods in a bucket...
  11. Yep -- sounds like your best bet is to culture your own so you have a steady supply.

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