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    [Spring] Tank Spotlight Award Winner!

    Kmooresf's 300 Gallons of Mixed Reef Awesomeness
    smalleralley.png smallerCard.png
    Photo 2) Pajama Cardinals LOVE hanging out by this Staghorn Coral
    smallerchalice.png smallertrio.png
    Photo 1) Miami Hurricane Chalice next to Mummys Eye Chalice. Photo 2) Arnold's (@Apon)'s Purple tipped Pocillopora. Left is Teal Birdsnest, right is Blue Tort Acropora.
    smallervalid.png smallerclam.png
    Photo 1) I won this at my first BAR meeting. Not sure what the acro is called. Photo 2) Durasa Clam.

    • Tank Type: 300 Gallons LeeMar Eurobraced Glass Tank
      • "Literally the largest tank that I could fit through the door and that wouldn't over power the space. Custom tank / stand and sump with assistance from @robert4025 and Neptune Aquatics. Heavily designed after his beautiful display tank."
    • Lighting: Kessils and T5s
      • 5 Kessil A350 / A360 narrows accross the front. 2 Kessil A350 / 360 wide's on each side of overflow. 90watts each
        • All run at 100% for 8 hours a day.
      • TWO 36" Ecoxotic "Marine" fixtures 35watts. THREE 24" Ecoxotic "Marine" fixtures 25watts
        • 12 hours / day
      • THREE 36" Ecoxotic Stunner strips 18watts. THREE 24" Ecoxotic stunner strips 12w
        • 12 hours / day
    • Flow: SIX Tunze 6105 Powerheads
    • Filtration: 4-inch deep sand bed in sump. Chaetomorpha Algae, Carbon and GFO
    • Dosing: Only uses Calcium Reactor and Geo 624 Reactor
    • Fish: A lot
      • Gold banded maroon clown (14 years)
      • Purple tang (5 years)
      • Mimic tang (2.5 years)
      • Epaulette tang (2 years)
      • Desjardin sailfin tang (1 year)
      • Dwarf golden morey eel (9 inches long)
      • Neon dotty back, 3 lyretail anthias, 4 pajama cardinals, starry blenny, harptail blenny, 2 red firefish, 2 watermelon wrasse, radiant wrasse, melanarus wrasse, red headed wrasse, nahacky fairy wrasse, gold headed sleeper goby.
    • Inverts
      • 2 cleaner shrimp, halloween urchin, red fromia starfish, assorted hermits and snails.
    • Corals
      • SPS: Acorpora, millipora, tortusa, pocillipora, montirpora, digitata, stylophora,
      • LPS: Acans, plate coral, cup coral, brain coral, favias, duncans, frogspawn, trumpets, candy cane, lobed brain coral,
      • Softies: Zoanthids, blue cloves, mushrooms.
      • NPS: Fathead dendrophyllia, sun polyps.
    • Link to Kris's Tank Journal (SEE THE JOURNEY :))

    A Note from the Owner, Kris:

    • "This reef club completely changed aquariums for me. So many idea's, so much knowledge and support. I have been reefing since 1999 when I bought my first tank. A 75 gallon acrylic with lot's of LPS, Zoa's, GSP and even pulsing xenia :). It was an amazing experience and a great first tank. It had 4, 96watt power compacts. It was SOOOO cutting edge! LOL! I lost that one in a break up, but the bug was planted. This aquarium is a result of my obsession for reefs. I am an avid SCUBA diver and can't seem to get enough info about the ocean. It is so fascinating. I spend hours in front of the tank, watching the fish behavior. Studying the coral tissues and watching for signs of problems (there is always a problem if you are growing SPS....check your params!!). I even enjoy the 8 hour cleaning and water changes every two weeks. Turn on the jams, grab a beer and spend the day with the tank. It's one of my favorite days."

    I'd like to thank Kris for giving me the opportunity to put together this tank spotlight award for this truly epic Bay Area Reef Tank and also thank the current and past BAR members for contributing/inspiring this beautiful tank.

    :DJoin me in congratulating Kris for winning the Tank Spotlight Award for Spring!

    Kris has also received 5 raffle tickets for winning the Spring Tank Spotlight Award. Anytime you want to cash out the tickets just come through and let us know.
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Discussion in 'Tank Journals' started by Enderturtle, Jun 8, 2015.

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