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I found your oregon tort from my guy in Sac. Waiting to hear back on when his next trip this way. Let me know if your still interested and I'll get his price.
His price is $100 and I'll need to know by Nov 28 if you want
Hi just wanted to know how much you'd charge for the Monti's? Are you available during the weekday? If not let me know best times to swing by.
I stumbled upon the BAR Members Map. I'm a new member, returning to hobby after 20 or so yrs. I see that we may live not far from one another. I'm a few months away from "going live" -- cycling rock in my garage for the last month as equipment starts arriving. Just wanted to introduce myself. Name is Art and I'm setting up a RSR250.
Website isn't working for me...I can' t get to the Quick Links. Also, what is the best way to post pictures? I was trying to embed Instagram pics.
Hi I wonder if I can borrow your HOB Skimmer (Location: San Francisco; Member: @bluprntguy) not sure if you still have it of if you are still in this hobby.
Hey Alexx. I’m just restarting my tank, but I sold the skimmer a few months ago.