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  1. bondolo
    Frag tank teardown underway
  2. bondolo
    planning teardown
  3. wrestle1952
    wrestle1952 Coral reefer
    Hi just wanted to know how much you'd charge for the Monti's? Are you available during the weekday? If not let me know best times to swing by.
  4. Deereef
    Deereef L/B Block
    Corals! Hi can you let me know what type of corals you have?
  5. Reefee
    Reefee Cheedo
    Hello there :)
  6. jemmiavelly
  7. Adame
  8. Squist
    Squist ashburn2k
    I stumbled upon the BAR Members Map. I'm a new member, returning to hobby after 20 or so yrs. I see that we may live not far from one another. I'm a few months away from "going live" -- cycling rock in my garage for the last month as equipment starts arriving. Just wanted to introduce myself. Name is Art and I'm setting up a RSR250.
  9. Scott Sweet
    Scott Sweet ashburn2k
    Website isn't working for me...I can' t get to the Quick Links. Also, what is the best way to post pictures? I was trying to embed Instagram pics.
  10. The_Lazy_Reefer
    Doing some tank rearrangement and I’ll be chopping up a sizeable amount of xenia and Gsp. Oakland pickup.
  11. JacAllen
    Hello, I'm new to BAR.
  12. bondolo
  13. Zero Gravitas
    Zero Gravitas
    Just paid my dues!
  14. Alexx
    Alexx bluprntguy
    Hi I wonder if I can borrow your HOB Skimmer (Location: San Francisco; Member: @bluprntguy) not sure if you still have it of if you are still in this hobby.
    1. bluprntguy
      Hey Alexx. I’m just restarting my tank, but I sold the skimmer a few months ago.
      Feb 1, 2019
  15. Alexx
    I do website design if you need help with a website :)
  16. dswong01
    dswong01 Apon
    Arnold do have cfm tickets?
  17. gimmito
    gimmito wfong
    How many nems do you have for sale?
  18. 2manyhobbies
    2manyhobbies mray2660
    Mike, The file box you gave me has docs from 2004-05. Most are of new members and IRS statements. There are no documents from the State of California or anything officially recognizing us as an entity.

    There is one file pertaining to your wife and her mother and father which should be with your documents.

    Therefore, there has to be another file box with the pertinent information.
  19. CoralDad127
    CoralDad127 Bruce Spiegelman
    Hey Bruce ,
    I’m in a Dyer need of a QT tank for 9 fish. My Achilles Tang is looking I’ll and I think it’s ich which means all the fish gotta come out. Not sure what happened havnt added any fish in over a year. Any how, if you have something laying around I would appreciate it.
    Thanks buddy talk with you soon. Jason
  20. Jeff Rehling
    Jeff Rehling MolaMola
    When do you think my tank will be ready for the 'nem?
    1. MolaMola
      No idea. Better ask on the forum
      Dec 6, 2018