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  1. OnTheReef
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  3. Scott Sweet
    Scott Sweet
    Status Message
  4. livingwaterplanet
    187g is cycled. Added some clowns, banggais, and a Powder Blue Tang.
  5. livingwaterplanet
    Apex Wifi wall mounted, rat's nest organized, and ATO is set up; it is ready to run on its own or from the cloud. Fish coming soon.
  6. livingwaterplanet
    Started cycling new tank
  7. Julius Chen
    Julius Chen mediumrare
    Hi, Mediumrare, you sent me this text below, but I think you meant to send to alvin chiao instead?

    "Hey, I just saw your post. Sorry, haven't been online here in some time. PM me if you're still interested."
  8. Ryan Rosales
    Ryan Rosales Coral reefer
    Hi. How can someone sell frags here? Do I need to be a Supporting member to do so?
  9. Ryan Rosales
    Ryan Rosales
    The sea is my second home!!!❤️
    1. Ryan Rosales
      Ryan Rosales
      How does on offer corals for sale in here? Do I need to be a Supporting member on this group?
      Someone hit me up for guidance, please.
      Have awesome corals in my frag tank:
      Kryptonite Jawbreakers
      Berserker Red Devil Reef Mushrooms
      Candy Crush Jawbreakers
      Nuclear Sunsets
      And much more.
      Mar 24, 2017
  10. Matt with Panjo
    Matt with Panjo Coral reefer
    Hi Mike! I'm matt a reefer/ intern with's aquarium section. I would love to discuss sponsoring the forum/ working with you.

    Call, text, or email-- or 269-312-9600
  11. livingwaterplanet
    Returning to the hobby and purchased 48x30x30 "Elos 2.0". In the process planning rockscape and making RO/DI water.
  12. OfficerNasty
    37 Gallon reef tank
  13. bondolo
    The eel has landed!
  14. California_Reef_Co
    California_Reef_Co Apon
    No minimum and I should be able to price match. I don't have torch us snails at the moment but I can get them.
    1. Apon
      Can I call you later today? Who do I ask for?
      Mar 6, 2017
  15. California_Reef_Co
    California_Reef_Co Apon
    Hey if your doing a group buy it can get you the same stuff for about the same price depending on how much you want. No shipping cost and local pick up. Thanks
    1. Apon
      I will let you know the counts on Monday to see if you can match my other quote. Pickup might be an issue as I live in SF. Do you have trochus snails? Also what is the minimum you need. The other contact needed about 100 for each snail or crab.
      Mar 2, 2017
  16. andrestyler
  17. clarkgilbert
  18. Jamesskii408
    Names James :) Been Reefing for about 2 years now, learning as I go. Excited to learn more everyday
  19. Monisa juriya
  20. Esmail
    cant find the link to start a new forum