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  1. coral4me
    coral4me Jeremy Chew
    I got four of the Great White beers, thanks!
  2. flyboysmb
    Hello BAR, looking forward to being part of the group! Been keeping salt tanks for 40 years concentrating on on reefing for the 10 years.
  3. bondolo
    current project: calcium reactor
  4. Deereef
    Deereef Jeff Rehling
    Hi Jeff, can you forward me the pictures. Thanks 6507854882
  5. brohanus510
    brohanus510 Sduvall81
    Hey sduvall. I saw your post. Im glad to hear the live stock was claimed! Hopefully to a great home!.im interested in your equipment. How much for everything!? I have a 120 i am building so i can use a lot.

    But i am seriously interested in the apex unit. Whats ya best orice in that? Thanks. You can reach me quicker at 5103335260
  6. Jax925
    Update your status...
  7. Arvind
    Arvind robert4025
    Hi robert
    Do you have a reducer to fit my Siccer 2.0 pump from my Innovative marine 50 pump? thanks!
  8. Schmitty
    Schmitty ashburn2k
    Do you live in SF?
  9. Anurag damle
  10. brohanus510
    brohanus510 RavenSF
    Hey man! I havent been on this long enough but i have good feedback on text me 5103335260 i am interested in the hydras!
  11. Pudgedafish
    Pudgedafish RavenSF
    I'd be interested in purchasing your hydras. Unfortunately I haven't been on this forum long enough to post in the buy and sell section.
    1. Pudgedafish
      Aug 31, 2017
  12. dswong01
  13. Pudgedafish
    Pudgedafish kinetic
    Hey I'll take the MP40s if they haven't sold yet.
    1. kinetic
      Unfortunately they were just picked up! Sorry!
      Aug 24, 2017
  14. Jan Sy
    Jan Sy Flagg37
    Hi I would like to pre register for the swap where's the link to pay?
  15. 2manyhobbies
    2manyhobbies Flagg37
    Hey Flagg (soon to be President), I have 36 inch T-5 fixture, 6 light, that I would be willing to donate if you think someone might want it. It has two plugs and end stands so that it can fit on the edge of the aquarium. These are also adjustable.
  16. 2manyhobbies
    2manyhobbies Coral reefer
    OK, I will tell Mray. One problem I am having is he is not responding to my emails or messages here. I wrote a PM here yesterday telling him I wanted to pick up all the stuff we need for the swap, but still no response. If I still have his email I will try there, too.
    1. Coral reefer
      Coral reefer
      He is probably traveling for work with no computer. Hold tight. We will be fine.
      Aug 11, 2017
  17. 2manyhobbies
    2manyhobbies Coral reefer
    Mike, MRay says he only has 21 tubes of glue. Wants to know if we should order more for the swap.

    1. Coral reefer
      Coral reefer
      Yes we should order more asap
      Aug 11, 2017
  18. Ranjib Dey
    Ranjib Dey
    I'll message denzil directly. Thanks for the headsup
  19. Pudgedafish
    Pudgedafish Bruce Spiegelman
    Hey Bruce new here. But I saw you are selling a Tunze ATo? If so I'd be interested
  20. 2manyhobbies
    2manyhobbies Ranjib Dey
    Hello Ranjib Dey, I am Dave Corkrum (2manyhobbies) and the secretary for the organization. If you want to help with the web, I suggest you contact Denzil. He is our webmaster and he could really use the help. Thanks so much for stepping up and I am sorry that I took so long responding to you. I hope that others have responded also.