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    Featured Potential Event: Member Recognition Awards

    Most Xenia/GSP in their tank. I saw one on YouTube that had been tanken over by Xenia and it was weirdly hypnotizing.
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    Reefer 250

    New frag is acclimating very well so far. 7/21/22
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    Tanks Alk consumption has increased 30% over the last 15 days

    I just wanted to let anyone that might read this looking for help that as soon as I hit a ratio of roughly 3 mg to 1 cal my daily consumption plummeted from 120mls to 60mls. Significantly reducing precipitation from what I can tell. I started raising my magnesium 5 days ago very slowly and as...
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    Macro Shot of some frags

    What’s the iso/f-stop/shutter speed if you don’t mind?
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    Macro Shot of some frags

    To add to that: What macro lens and settings as well.
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    Knocked the silicone

    Thoughts on the below picture? I was switching glass panes and the glass scrapper caught it and ripped a little off. What are the chances of that springing a leak?
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    Living rooom 140- new livestock pics

    Happy reefing!
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    30 minutes and a nice camera later
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    I think this is a coral

    It kinda looks like a baby BTA. It has a nem like foot and two translucent/hint of orange tentacles, Any one have any ideas?
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    Hopefully a good sign, but after acclimation and dip the polyps on the frag we’re out within 20 minutes of hitting the water. Please excuse the particulates, just broadcasted some reef chili. I know it’s nothing big just excited. :) Minute 1 Minute 20
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    DBTC: ASD Rainbow mille

    I have the same frag from ASD. Only about 3 inches now, but really cool frag. Pics look great!
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    DBTC - "Sunset" millepora

    This looks like such a cool Millie!
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    The Tang Hideout

    So the new tank is coming along nicely. It won’t be ready for any sps frags for a few more months, but the LPS and nems are doing great. All the fish made it through QT just fine and are looking magnificent. At the time of this post they will have been in the tank for about two weeks. I think...
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    Aussie Duncan

    Good looking dunks
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    Zoom session with the wrass guy(Hunter)

    Thanks, I got the invite.