got ethical husbandry?

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    Ogo cultivating tank

    I didt have luck with growing red ogo in my fuge but my ulva grow like crazy ang it like red light.
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    Coral reefer’s 360 gal system. 225 display and frag tanks

    Bob sighting are you getting the itch
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    120x36x36 build

    Use 316 stainless steel unistut no need to powder coat
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    Very hardy sps

    monti cap are weeds
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    Powder Brown Tang Breathing Heavily and Dose not want to eat anything

    When i purchase fish i like to see them eat better chance of survival
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    YelloJello: TFP Local Gem

    his name is Tim Plaza and he is reefer in sacramento
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    Free easy frags

    hello any pink nepthea available?
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    Hello from Castro Valley

    Hello fellow C.V resident
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    Live rock.

    Mike any shelf rock?
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    Fiesta Vallarta Restaurant Tank

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    PIF pin cushion urchin

    Pending to peetajai
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    PIF pin cushion urchin

    PIF pin cushion urchin. Located in castro valley or can bring to swap on sat.
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    June 26, 2021 - Frag Swap Volunteer signup

    Mike I can do frag patrol if needed