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    DBTC: Dragon Soul Imposter

    the four pieces were alive for a couple of weeks, would have been a miraculous comeback. RIP.
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    What is your heater setup? I think mine is inefficient.

    I have a 300w heater and a 500w titanium heater connected to the Apex. I chose titanium over glass, since glass breaks when accidentally running dry (like cleaning the sump). I also have a fan on another port to turn on when it gets too hot. All three port is controlled by temperature which...
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    Best wet/dry shop vac

    Using a combination of the Sicce Ultra Zero Utility Pump and Bucket Head. Utility pump will remove most of the water, then the Bucket Head comes in to clean up the rest.
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    New Salt Water LFS in Oakland

    Is there a section for fish that are already QT, or is it something you have to order and wait a couple of months? And how did you get there so fast? Do you work in Oakland?
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    My snail died.

    19 years, snail is older than my kids. Is that a mexican turbo snail?
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    Icecap co2 scrubber

    Is this a recirculation setup? are you using another reactor between the skimmer and the co2 scrubber? Is the additional reactor used to capture moisture? Also curious to see how your PH is affected after a few days. From what I have read, should the PH increase be almost instant?
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    Icecap co2 scrubber

    Thanks for the insight. Every reef environment is a little different, but 8.21 to 8.35 doesn't seem to be that much.
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    Icecap co2 scrubber

    Does anyone use one of these? If so, how do you like it? What size co2 scrubber did you get to match your tank? I have a 100g tank and deciding between the 3 sizes.
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    Testing ph - is it really necessary?

    Did you test what increase the co2 scrubber added? I am testing what would increase PH more 1) running a line outside 20ft or 2) co2 scrubber. If I can avoid making holes in the wall, that would be a better solution.
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    Testing ph - is it really necessary?

    What is your setup that your max is 8.75?
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    Testing ph - is it really necessary?

    Pretty interesting, I have never thought about PH and have never really tested it on a regular basis. I have always made the mistake of testing PH manually at my testing testing which is in the garage with the door wide open. This obviously gave me false readings as I always tested about 8.2...
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    Schmitty's 40g Nuvo Reef

    Look in your overflow and piping, they may be there as well.
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    Talk to me about filter sock cleaning

    Welcome to the world of BRS TV, where buying more and investing more in your system is always better :cool:. TBH, I did the same thing, I still have about 12 filter socks that I purchased when I first started. They would need to be washed every 3-4 days so a set of 12 might give me some...
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    425XL - Version 2

    Approximately 3 weeks after dipping, frags are adjusting to lighting and flow. Some Acros are encrusting with polyp extensions, while some are taking longer to acclimate/adjust/
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    GHL or Apex

    @IOnceWasLegend, thanks for taking the time to respond with a very informative write up. Appreciate it.