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    Do you add additional filter media?

    I try to add as much as I can but understanding I need to save real estate for growth and aesthetics in the DT, and space for equipment in the sump.
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    Anyone use Seachem Cupramine?

    I have a 20g hospital tank, according to directions it should receive about 75-80 drops to reach therapeutic level of .50. Currently I am on drop 60, but the colors seem to have passed the .50 mark. Should I trust my eyes or the dosage instructions?
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    425XL - Version 2

    Fish are in the hospital tank at therapeutic level of .50 and salinity 1.021 starting sept 16. Took 5 days to bring levels up to .50 +. All fish seems to be doing well and eating. Treating Ich and Marine Velvet.
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    425XL - Version 2

    Marking today as first day of Fallow Period :-).
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    Casey's 120g Peninsula Build

    Can I ask, were any of your LPS affected? I am on the fence about SPS and may consider LPS only tank since it seems to be more forgiving.
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    425XL - Version 2

    Starting to see little bubbles on my rock work. Will see what happens, making note of possible changes to the tank. Maturing of the tank and nutrient imbalance. Added Selcon to the diet, have read that excessive Selcon can cause Cyano. Plan would be to use it myabe 2x a week instead of...
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    Casey's 120g Peninsula Build

    Beautiful tank, thanks for sharing the FTS. It helps people with coral placement and sorry about your loss acros.
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    425XL - Version 2

    Picture taken 4 hrs after dipping routine. Was worried that the dipping routine was too aggressive, but guess the torches are doing ok. Glad I did some research and got advice on a better routine then using Coral RX alone. Torches in QT for observation. 2 Days after Dipping.
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    Dipping Torches

    Did a little more research on dipping. Before I only used Coral RX. Below is my new dipping procedure for Torches and Euphyllia. 1)Coral RX -6ml per liter 5 minutes 2)Clean tank water 10min 3)Bayer -40ML/liter 15 minutes 4)Clean Tank water: 10 minutes 5)Iodine dip(lugols) per liter 10 drops:10...
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    Possible Flatworm

    I would never have seen it like you did, good catch. I guess it takes time and experience to see these pests.
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    Hello from Walnut Creek

    Welcome, really like Walnut Creek, especially the food in the downtown. Isn’t calikid corals a little north of you in concord? I have never been there but saw there sale on yellow tangs for $119 I believe.
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    Dipping Torches

    Been learning more about dipping, before I would just dip Corals in Coral RX and done. Seems with Torches there are different methods. Some of these methods for Torches include Bayer, Iodine, and CoralRX. How do you dip your torches? with what product, when, and how often while it is in...
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    ID please

    Yeah, It maybe one of those fights that I will end up losing but I can try. Will try to beat their lifecycle and QT these snails for 76 days. Maybe a good time to buy some corals so they can all hang out together for a few months :cool:
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    425XL - Version 2

    Orders some snails, came with a bunch of vermetids on the shell. Used a coral cutter, sharp blade, and a toothbrush to attempt to clean them off. All are going into my QT tank. Besides the pests, most of my Astrea snails are not moving as well as others. Luckily both fighting conch are alive...
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    Pods + Chaeto

    To be fair, I don’t believe they claimed they were pest free so it’s on me. I will PM you with the vendor :-).