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    Free Monti Frags

    First Beautiful frag presentation with the possibility of being over the top Like at the weed shops! (From what I’ve seen on tv) And more importantly Nice frag transfer method May it live long and grow big
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    Ashburn's 187g endgame II

    I feel yer pain! at least it wasn’t across the living room floor…. ya know where, if you need good luck!
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    Tank spawned torch babies

    So cool!!
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    Zoa Rock and Monti Frag

    @boun11 Yes, he’s very generous!
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    Tank spawned torch babies

    I too have aiptasia to pass around
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    Tank spawned torch babies

    In the 2nd to last pic, is that a vermetid snail colony? if so, be ware…. will you be passing out cigars in celebration of your offspring?! best fishes and happy reefing
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    What are these tubes?

    That star polyp will grow over the cloves and everything near it. I suggest you isolate the GSP
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    ID please

    What about the 3D printed bone cutter you showed on your podcas?
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    Red Sea Reefer Peninsula 650

    I vote for bare bottom over the dentist chair to stare at!
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    NanoCrazed's Lazy Tank(s) Journal

    Captive propagation at its best! compliments to your successful environment
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    Corals on plane

    How many corals and what size? If it’s enough for a “regular” size wholesale shipping box...I would check with luggage on a direct flight only. Way back when... I carried a 5’ boa, 2’ boa and a 4’ corn snake in a small duffel bag...through the X-ray and on the plane M. F. Snakes on a plane...
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    Corals on plane

    Styrofoam box Treat as food Definitely carry on Confirm with airline