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    Ofzakaria Big R Walt Disney

    Hi - I didn't realize that this was a DBTC coral when I got it. But, here is a pic from a while ago. Will try to update soon (it is now beating the Setosa). Thanks for the nudge! :D
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    DBTC: Rich's Beefy Blue Stag

    I think I have replied to everyone. Thanks! Essentially, trying for tomorrow or Sat at 1030. If you are vaxxed and masked, happy to show you around the house and give you other frags of stuff I have ready or can cut if you want them.
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    DBTC: Rich's Beefy Blue Stag

    Ok then! How do we arrange pick ups? LOL.
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    DBTC: Rich's Beefy Blue Stag

    I have 6 frags on plugs now mounted mostly sideways and encrusting, but can cut fresh if you wold prefer that.
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    DBTC: Rich's Beefy Blue Stag

    I just added Rich's Beefy Blue Stag to DBTC. There are 6 frag(s) available right now. This thread was automatically created by BARcode
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    What is this SPS?

    Looks like a Stylophora.
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    I have some coral to put into DBTC, but...

    Thanks Mike - So I can start the DBTC, give out the frags, then just let it ride? That I can do. I am just worried that I will get distracted and forget to pay attention if attention needs to be paid.
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    I have some coral to put into DBTC, but...

    I know I won't keep up on it. I just know it. Is there someone interested in doing it? Should I start a thread in pay it forward and ask?
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    Semi Reef Beef about the future of the hobby now!

    Happening now!
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    Tank spawned torch babies

    I think you have a brooder and a spawner, but down to species is not easy. IIRC the brooder euphyllia's are gonocoric, so no sperm egg bundles, rather eggs or sperm. Gameteogensis can take 8-9 months, not sure on the development of larvae for brooders, but could 'gestation' could easily be the...
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    Tank spawned torch babies

    Great! You likely have brooder species (different from pocillopora in that they take in sperm, but mass spawn later, rather than releasing larvae all the time . Given the time frame, you corals likely came in fertilized and you did a great job of keeping them happy enough to cook all the way...
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    Tank spawned torch babies

    How long have you had the adult corals?
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    1-part dosing for nano tank? which one do you recommend?

    That said, you should always question everyone. Ben likes the one product for systems that you manually dose, it doesn't really work for dosers. If it were me, I would likely use the all for one product and a doser because I am lazy and for the reasons John said above
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    ID please

    It's a pliers, still working on the final version. Will have it up hopefully this week