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Danhsj’s RSR250 tank


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Red Sea Reefer 250
At restaurant called Bowl of Pho at Sunnyvale 94087

May 31,2021
Transfer 36 gal bow front into Red Sea Reefer from acro.jordan. First day of transfer corals show some signs of stress. Less polyp extension but no rtn. Fish enjoy new tank. Only the shy fox face hide all day. Black storm pair, fire fire, blue star wrasse, dragonett, and lyretail anthias female love their new tank. Current light are 1 xr30 g3 and 1 xr30 g5 pro. Only problem is getting eco tech live to work for xr30 g3. unable to creat account and setup. Sps getting 300 par while lps getting 120 par. Rock structure not final, will be moving rocks around in few days. I want the sps to get use to new tank parameters first before moving their rock.

Live stock
Foxface rabbit fish
Pair of black storm
Male dragonett
Lyretail anthias female
Blue star female wrasse
Fire fish
2 trochus
1 fighting conch

Sump setup
15 pounds of live rock in the return chamber of geo sump, middle is chaeto with refugium light from Amazon running 24/7. Third chamber is return pump. Protein skimmer Aquamax ConeS protein skimmer not setup yet, currently in vinegar water solution to clean, will leave for two days or wash tomorrow.

7.3 alkalinity
.05 phosphates
8.0 ph
450 calcium
Nitrite 0

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Awesome to see it set up! Glad I was able to help get the tank and stand in, it seemed to go pretty smoothly. Hopefully this can bring in some repeat customers for pho!


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Got g3 xr30 working. G3 xr30 pro and g5 xr30 pro. Now setup and running ab+. Setting with modified time.
Turns on 8:30am, peak at 12pm-6pm the. Ramps down and turn off at 8.
Par value with g3 xr30 and g5 xr30 pro at peak 6hours

Any tips good numbers par for sps on top and lps and torch on bottom


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Forgot to mention I use water from the purified water shop across my restaurant, great water and no ill effects so far, will be doing a icp in a couple of weeks. Use tropic marine pro and do water change every week 5 gal.


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I just stopped by for some cheato, the tank is looking great! Keep playing with that skimmer height to get the performance you are looking for, and don't be afraid to change it in the short term to change the effect to what you want.


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New corals:
2 Bounce green mushroom
Two green gonis
1 Duncan
1 hairy mushroom
Space invader chalice (Neptune’s aquatic)
War favia (Neptune’s aquatic)
Meteror coral(Neptune’s aquatic)
Purple pink scoly