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Powder Brown Tang Breathing Heavily and Dose not want to eat anything


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Not sure what is going on with my powder brown or what to do. It’s been 5 days since I bought it from a wholesaler and dose. Or wanna go to eat food or any foreseen food. He’s not even nipping on the rocks.

Occasionally he is going for a swim. My other fishes the powder blue and blue tang are swimming and eating frozen food and nori but not him. I also squeezed some garlic and add a few drops to the frozen food but did not help.

The quarantine tank size is about 17gallons, salinity 1.023 temperature 78. Any ideas on what to do with him?
Here is a video with more explanation


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No ammonia...

It does not even try to go for the food or nip on the rocks. I even dropped food in front of him. Just breathing and swimming at times. No nipping on the rocks.

I guess, maybe they captured him with poisoning. Kinda sad about this situation.