PSA Ridgid 7 1/4 dual bevel sliding saw

Home Depot doing it again at the HD Pro store in Colma
Dual bevel compound miter saw 18v (no battery) for $140 ($279 was the initial clearance price)
Way less than half retail.
Saw is nice for smaller lumber projects and is GREAT on your back if you don’t need to haul a 10 or 12 inch monster.
Since it’s a Ridgid, you’ll need matching batteries but there are plenty of clearance on batteries throughout the year. Ideal battery for this saw is a 9A/Hr but does just fine with the 4A/Hr
I’ve gotten 9A/Hr batteries for less than $100 at the end of the holiday seasons.
Been keeping an eye on this saw for a while and got one today because one needs two of an item sometimes and price is right.
Again, Home Depot Pro in Colma
91 Colma Blvd.


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