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RTFM - I think I figured out the issue?

Membrane Flush:
Plus Systems include an integrated membrane flush valve. Flushing the membrane for 1-2 minutes before and after each use is recommended. Avoid extended periods (longer than 2-3 weeks) between operation, as stagnant water can lead to bacterial growth on the membrane, causing damage. If water production needs are less frequent, it is still advisable to operate the unit periodically to flush the system of stagnant water.

I definitely go longer than 2-3 weeks between making batches of RODI. So maybe my RO membrane is damaged and that's why it has been taking so long to get to single digit TDS before the DI stage? Since the TDS is relatively high and takes awhile to get to 4, that could be the reason my DI resin is getting used up so quickly? Now if the problem is with my RO membrane due to stagnant water, can I fix it by flushing a bunch of times or do I need to get a new RO membrane?
Was the flush valve left open? You want it at 90 degrees if you're not actively flushing it.