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    Dr. Seuss in the Bedroom
    Posted on October 4, 2013 by Josh Saul
    There has been a strange sense of romance across reef dwelling animals of late, with reports of very large spawning events we do believe, love is in the air. It seems a few people have taken on some interesting breeding projects, including this one by Rich Ross, the Dr. Seuss Soapfish Belonoperca pylei. Rich reports that the fish are sleeping together and fingers are still crossed for no bad behavior between them. Stay tuned for further updates and see our next post on the frisky lightning maroon clownfish.
  2. The pair looks amazing - hope you successfully breed them, Rich! I would love a captive bred B. pylei.

    There was some mention of these fish releasing toxins after passing away, and in this paper, the authors write:
    "Skin of fresh specimen of B. pylei tasting [sic] bitter when licked (J. E. Randall and R. L. Pyle, pers. comm, 7 January 1998), corroborating the presence of an epidermal toxin."
    Licking in the name of science! :eek:

    If I ever see these fish in a store, I'll have to do a lick test to make sure I'm getting the genuine article. :D
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    What is that substrate?
    Awesome fish!
  4. Thales

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    Just sand. I am really excited about this.
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    Hope they breed well!
  6. euod

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    Serious? I was hoping to get one, now I have to get two?:)
    What size tank are they occupying and the temperature you keep them at?
    Where were these caught and were they caught as a pair? How deep were these caught?
  7. Mark SF

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    About 100 meters from what I have heard.


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