Added Kalkwasser to my ATO and this morning it smells burnt

Discussion in 'Reef Chemistry' started by Prisonfood53, Jun 23, 2014.


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    Eheim was a much better made heater prior to Eheim/CP&G buying them up. But they still are basically the benchmark. There are better heaters, and far more bad heaters on the market.
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    Apr 16, 2014
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    Finally got a reply from Cobalt and they already shipped 2x 100W to me on the 25th and should be here tomorrow.

    The smell is gone from the tank, been running fine carbon and carbon floss and it seems to have taken care of anything the busted heater put into the tank.

    Birdsnest is still not doing too well. I lowered it in the tank so it wasn't so close to the light. The polyps were sloughing off but that seems to have stopped but there is no polyp extension at all where before the polyps would be extended pretty far. Hopefully it will recover if not I have asked Cobalt if they would replace it but we'll see how that goes.

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