Adding Ocean Revive 247 to RSM 130

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by Jax925, Aug 28, 2018.

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  2. Jax925

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    Good to know, thanks!!
  3. xcaret

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    Saw the pics on Amazon and seems it does adjust.
  4. Yippee

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    I would guess poor water quality. Zoanthids dying.....they can take low light to very high light. I did weekly 5 gallon water changes on my 28 gallon and it still declined over 4 years. The chalices started bleaching/shrinking and dying. My vibrant yellow frogspawn started to pale. What I thought was too much light causing bleaching turned out to be poor water quality.
  5. Jax925

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    My water is A1.
    What was in your water causing "poor wq" ?
  6. Yippee

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    I am not sure, but I would guess to much detritus in the system.
  7. Jax925

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    15% wc a week, should not be any detritus at all.
  8. Flagg37

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    Well, yes and no. 15% is great but it doesn’t necessarily mean there’s no detritus building up. If you only change the water but don’t stir up/vacuum the sand bed then you’re not getting any of the detritus that is down there.

    Have you had any other deaths? Fish, inverts...? Or just corals. I agree with @Vhuang168 about the icp test. The lab will test so many more elements than you can test at home, plus if one of your test kits is bad (or you’re even doing it wrong :eek:), you may never know. Even the more expensive ones are like $60 which is still cheaper than a new light.

    I think people tend to blame lights because there’s more of a “mystery” with them. Not that there’s not scientific means of measurement with them but we as hobbiests don’t have the ability to really test those properties on our tanks. Sure there are PAR meters but not that many people actually are able to buy or borrow a meter to be able to test it. Do you know how much PAR you're tank is getting? What about PUR? Then there's the spectrum. Is the light causing more chlorophyll A or B to photosynthesize. There are just a lot of variable that are either unknown or not understood (myself included), so people blame it. I think water is a bit easier to for but things can simply be overlooked. In general, it's much easier for the water to be the problem than the light.
  9. rygh

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    +1 on checking phosphates. Although with those water changes and chemi-pure blue, seems unlikely.
    Sounds like feeding and water quality are pretty good.
    Sounds like lights are pretty good.
    I am stumped.

    But, it is confusing that Nitrates are 10, when you are doing that kind of water change + chemi-pure blue.
    That is "suspicious" so you might want to track that down.
    Excess detritus? Not enough live rock? Are those 5 fish big? Not changing chemi-pure enough? Poor skimmer?
  10. ashburn2k

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    Also double check the test kit to see if they are expired

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