Another Coral Thief at Neptune Aquatics

Discussion in 'Neptune Aquatics' started by robert4025, Jan 16, 2010.

  1. krittertanks

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    Wow, Ive been following this non bar! The karma gods exist =) Im lucky that you actually need a shop to do anything with my material.
  2. 650-IS350

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    interesting on what type of time these guys would get in the legal system? total cost of stolen goods, intent to sell stolen goods, etc. etc..
  3. I personally know of one guy who stole 2k in Ausi Acans (when they were HOT about 1.5 years ago) from another store, was foolish enough to come back a month later. Was detained at store, till cops arrived, arrested, put in squad car. THEN released 20 min later, after sitting in the parking lot. "Supposedly" they were gonna prosecute him, but the store never herd anything more about it. When you call the Detectives, they say they have more "important issues", no updates on case or anything available..... Complete BS.

    The original "reporting" officer said it was more "sever" because the items stolen were"alive". Allot of good that did.

    So basically, crooks need a 357 on them instead of a camera, to keep things fair.

    Ive also seen that guy before, wearing the same glasses, but prolly nothing to steal at LGF :p
  4. Lyn

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    I don't think these comments were necessary. They make me sad. :(

    BTW, besides being charged for theft, shouldn't they be charged with cruelty to animals?
  5. Gomer

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    I can't see how they are charged for cruelty unless the corals were held in cruel conditions.
  6. GreshamH

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    Nope. Corals aren't considered "animals" by the law and even if they were, just what cruelty was done upon them? A person stealing a dog doesn't get charged for animal cruelty, well that is unless they did something to harm the dog.

    Persuasion could mean they're transgender, not all TG are gay. I wanted clarification. The dude looked like he could be a TG ;) In fact he looks like one I know, which highly influenced my post!

    I'll PM you the rest!
  7. tuberider

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    Actually in our overly p.c. world we live in I could not name specific cultures because people get upset, so I said persuasion instead in an attempt to not offend anyone yet give a hint into the situation.



    The act of persuading or the state of being persuaded: "The persuasion of a democracy to big changes is at best a slow process" (Harold J. Laski).


    The ability or power to persuade: "Three foremost aids to persuasion which occur to me are humility, concentration, and gusto" (Marianne Moore).


    A strongly held opinion; a conviction.

    1. A body of religious beliefs; a religion: worshipers of various persuasions.

    2. A party, faction, or group holding to a particular set of ideas or beliefs.
  8. sid700

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    When you said different persuasion I thought you meant these guys are fresh water hobbyists. :bigsmile:
  9. glee

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    im glad they got caught and hope you are able to get your corals returned.
  10. GreshamH

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  11. patrickb

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    Can you imagine these guys in the prison yard:

    Prisoner #1: I'm doing 20 for manslaughter. That's why I have this teardrop tat by my eye.
    Prisoner #2: This is my third strike so I'm stuck here for life for the armed robbery I done did last month.
    Prisoner #1: What about you, neo looking dude?
    Neo the Coral Bandit: I'm here for stealing some sweet frags. They were rainbow acans so it was almost worth it. Attica! Attica!

    Hahaha! I must be getting loopy.
  12. GreshamH

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    Prisoner #1 killed some one then ;) It's not about doing time, it's about killing while doing time ;(
  13. GreshamH

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    I wish our :lol: would actually laugh :(
  14. Gomer

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  15. GreshamH

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    Now that's a big one :D
  16. pixelpixi

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    They make me happy. It's just word play on the word "persuasion" and I love word play.

    Nobody said anything bad about being gay. That would make me sad and I would be pretty swift to bring down the admin hammer on it.
  17. Lyn

    Lyn Guest

    Yes Erin,

    I was sad because I misinterpreted what was said, and I was especially confused considering the sources. I know tuberider and Gresham are not "mean" people. I didn't want anyone to feel ostracized from the club because those comments could be misinterpreted to have a negative slant. I'm happy now because I know that those comments were not made to offend anyone. :)

    Perhaps, when posting online for all the world to read, we need to be careful of how we word things. Not everyone can read our minds and understand the intent behind the words.
  18. Vincerama2

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    If no one said it already, keep an eye on Craigslist and eBay to see who might be selling such corals.

  19. GreshamH

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    Why, they got the corals back and the crooks are in jail (or rather were caught) ;)

    Welcome to a couple weeks ago Vince :lol:
  20. GreshamH

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