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Discussion in 'Photography' started by xcaret, Apr 2, 2010.

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    Fair price for the MKI. At around 11k or so clicks the price drops below the 1.1k mark, as evident in this one:

    This camera just came back from Canon Irvine for a sensor cleaning. While there they applied the mirror fix for the recall a number of years ago. Canon also documented the shutter count at 11.5K. The sensor is as clean as can be expected, but does show a few small dust spots at F16 when shooting the sky. The view finder was also cleaned and is now left with only one small spec near the very top. They can never get these perfectly clean, but this one is pretty good.

    The camera comes with two Canon batteries and chargers (2). Outside is pretty clean. The LCD screen does have three very small nicks in it, but two of them are at the very top outside of the display area. The other isn't visible when the display is on. Basically you need to turn the screen to get light to reflect off of it to see the nicks. There is a small chip on the bottom near the battery compartment plus the normal wearing of the hot shoe.

    This camera has been trouble free for me and has produced some great images.
    I'm asking $1080 shipped (lower 48) and paid with Paypal (gift), $1100 for regular Paypal. If you are local I will gladly meet you half way for personal drop off.

    Camera located in OC.
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    Another, this one with 10k clicks.

    Extremely nice condition 5D with two focusing screens (Standard and split image), two batteries, charger, original Canon strap.

    Just returned from Canon service (mirror replacement.) All functions tested for proper operation @ Canon. Paperwork included.

    Excellent cosmetic condition, no scratches on LCD.

    $1095 including US shipping, paypal payment.

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