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    How's your breeding going? I haven't head from you in a spell :D

    :cool: its all good under the sun... got me to reread her blog :lol:
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    Hey Reef Cartel,

    Anthony of MARS mentioned to me John Compollino did discuss angelfish breeding....although he spoke 2 hours on sps care. ;)


    thanks for the resources fellaz. Im going to take your advice on breeding clowns. Should I start another thread on that topic? or keep it on this one?
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    I would start another one. Fingerwrinkles is one of our more accomplished breeders in the club.

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    Spoke to John today... no mention of angelfish breeding, though there was some spawning pictures. Wonder what Anthony was talking about?

    John said he does have some talks that touch deeper on the breeding topic, but none are breeding specific or go into great detail. He said MARS is talking about bringing him out again. 2nd chance for BAR ;) Perhaps the club can look to getting speakers sponsored via their sponsors. We've done that plenty of times for clubs, and are one of the few sponsors of MASNA Speaks, which also sponsors speakers for club talks (but the club must be a MASNA member)
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  6. Hey Gresh ... have been laying low as job #1 is still to find a new job, so the fish and tanks are way down on the list!

    My pairs are picking up again although the more exotic ones have been proving elusive in putting down nests. I also managed to put together a pair of these really cool east African damsels that look like dwarf yellow angels. They've been putting down nests but I've only gotten the fry (which have an elongated pelagic period) to about 16 days. I can't find a record of these ever being bred (they are hard to come by in the first place), so it's kinda cool to think this pair may be the first to be captive bred. I may need to get in contact with you guys for some different food sources / counsel though, as I think the reason they are dying just after 2 weeks is that they are missing something diet-wise.
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    Anthony said John touched on the breeding part, but didn't go in details.

    I agree the club should look into bringing him in next time...that would be a great talk. I suggested BAR becoming a MASNA member when I was VP. I thought David signed us up one year to be a member? Regardless, we should do it annually.
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    We've got "S" type and a smaller one then that, different species of rotifer. We're cleaning up the small one as we only sell biosecure cultures.
  9. I have both S and L ... the S have been great to get the fry going, but I need something bigger to get them to the next stage. I may try another batch with increasing the % of L as they get larger to see if that works, however I think there is something missing nutritionally between the L and the next size food.
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    It has taken me about a year of trying off and on to hatch and raise clowns. I feel like I have a good handle on it but, in order to for me to feel like I am doing right by the fry that I hatch, I would do much better if I did not have to go to work. :)
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    Copepods.. try Parvocalanus adults. I suspect that will help with the nutritional deficiency I suspect is plaguing you on these. Email me when you got eggs and I'll get you some adults shipped to you.

    The Oithona colcarva (really small rotifer) we have need to be cleaned up. We're already cleaning it up, it just takes a little bit of time since we go to such great lengths now to keep our cultures biosecure.
  12. Gresh, I may take you up on that. All my hatching tanks are now filled with clownfish fry so I need to get those to the next stage to free up a tank. The pair puts down nests every couple of days so it will not be a problem to get a group going. I've gotten a good handle on getting a larger number of fry out of the eggs; keeping them past about 10 days has been the challenge. I do think the copepods may move them forward a bit. Would be cool if we could say that the first ever batch of these was raised here locally.

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