Can we please do something about the spam?

Discussion in 'Website' started by tr1gger, Jul 28, 2013.

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    Shucks, that's a good point, I hadn't considered subscriptions. I get enough emails daily that I only subscribe to a few threads, so thanks for bringing up this point.

    Earlier this year we reached out to the neighboring reef clubs to see if their webmasters want to have a symposium to discuss the most common issues and solutions. Unfortunately there wasn't much momentum and it quickly fizzled. We're constantly striving for a balance between automation and user experience trade-offs, without tipping too far in one direction. There are a few sites where every single new post requires answering a CAPTCHA or quiz question, and that's going too far IMO.

    Denzil is unable to be present at the December meeting, so for anyone who graciously offering to help with the site, this is being thrown out there. :)
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    Mar 8, 2012
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    I shot Denzil a PM to see if there was anything that I could help out with since he's not going to make it the December meeting.
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    Yep, I got your PM. December's a really busy time for me at work and I probably won't get around to doing BAR website stuff until January.

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