Chasing Coral - the movie

Discussion in 'Resources' started by Zumareef, Nov 6, 2018.

  1. Zumareef

    Zumareef Supporting Member

    Wow! Just watched this yesterday on Netflix and while I've seen mention of this film discussed on this forum I'm putting it back out there for those, whom like myself, did not know about this movie. Great reef cinematography, interviews with the great J.E.N. Veron, coral reef biology and the pearls that effect the areas we are so interested in.
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  2. Ibn

    Ibn Guest

    Saw it awhile back. Good documentary.
  3. tankguy

    tankguy Supporting Member

    Ill check it out
  4. sfsuphysics

    sfsuphysics Supporting Member

    I think I downloaded at one time, but never got around to watching it. Every time I had a couple hours to spend I always felt like it would be the type of movie that just depressed the hell out of me.
  5. biophilia

    biophilia Guest

    Great film, though pretty heartbreaking as well. My fiance actually never showed a whole lot of interest in my tanks until we watched Chasing Coral together -- and I've overheard her recommending it to a number of her friends as well -- so obviously it left a pretty lasting impression even on a non-coral geek!
  6. Zumareef

    Zumareef Supporting Member

    The ending does have some hard truths but over all its really great for those whom enjoy keeping little reefs in their home like all if us.

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