Clown fish found after 2 days!

Discussion in 'Fish and Invertebrates' started by EricM, Jan 4, 2018.

  1. EricM

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    We have a pair of clowns that have been together about 8 months. Tuesday morning the smaller male (Wyoming) was missing. Spent 5 hours looking everywhere, took apart pipes and all. Could not find him and assumed the cleanup crew ate him.
    Then.... tonight he magically appeared, clowning around a million miles an hour. Next to the other clown! Blew my mind.
    He must have been stuck under the anemone which has been smaller than usual. As we look at him one of his eyes is cloudy and his body is a little brown. One of his fins looks scraped up? Does anyone have advice as to keeping him in the display or hospital tank? I’m assuming the anemone was stinging him this whole time.

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  2. daddio

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    He looks a little "hung-over" :eek:
  3. Is he eating? Does he look like he's in any kind of distress?
  4. EricM

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    He won’t eat anything, food goes right by him. He was wiggleing like clowns do but in overdrive. Seems to be settling down a bit now and had a reunion with the other clown.
    He must not be able to see out of that one eye. Should/can he be medicated somehow for that? Should a fish be able to bounce back from scratches?
  5. jorahx4

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    nemo survived with a bad flipper. this guy can survive too!
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