CO2 scrubber soda lime pellets

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    Hi all, posted on ReefCentral, but thought I'd mention it on here also.
    I am planning to buy pelletized soda lime for a CO2 scrubber for my tank. My CO2 has consistently been low after an extended pH downslide (due to bad pH probe). Probe is replace, but pH still low.

    Probably also related to airtight house running A/C this summer causing CO2 levels to increase in the house.

    I plan to place an order with AirGas. Relatively cheap.

    5 gallon pail costs $75.

    Tell me if you want me to order you an pail.

    I will place the order in the next few days.

    Pick up in Walnut Creek OR drop off at next BAR meeting (not kessil).

    Here are some articles explaining how these work.


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