Coral Fragging Workshop

Discussion in 'Events & Announcements' started by Wlachnit, Dec 28, 2018.

By Wlachnit on Dec 28, 2018 at 5:14 PM
  1. Wlachnit

    Wlachnit BOD

    Hey it's time to frag some corals for our first event of the year! We'll be having a lil informal class on fragging corals. This timing should work well for our Member Frag Swap in March.

    • Date:Saturday January 19, 2019
    • Start Time:12:30PM
    • Location: @Wlachnit Will's house in Pleasanton.
    • 1486 Via di Salerno, Pleasanton
    We'll cover different techniques for fragging different corals.
    • Which tools work best for which corals under certain circumstances.
    • Which corals should be fragged and which ones cannot be fragged.
    • What to do after you frag a coral? (e.g., don't put fresh cut fleshy corals in high flow or the skin will rip off
    Please reply to the thread if you will be coming...and if you have any corals to bring that you want fragged.

    Also, who has the Bandsaw? We will need this for the event.
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Discussion in 'Events & Announcements' started by Wlachnit, Dec 28, 2018.

    1. Bruce Spiegelman
      Bruce Spiegelman
      Turns out I can't make this one, but can still get my bandsaw to someone if they need it and can donate some corals for fragging practice if needed.
    2. Alexx
      Hi guy's, I am new to saltwater tanks, and I want to come but I have nothing to frag. I setup my first saltwater tank in December 16 and I have like 12 corals but they don't do that well not sure why.
      I think I can bring a Candy Cane. Not sure if we can frag the coral or not.
    3. MolaMola
      @Alexx Welcome to the group! No need for you to bring anything - the point of the workshop is to learn ways to frag and it sounds like there will be plenty of different corals to check out.
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    4. tankguy
      I second MolaMola. Come and learn
    5. Coral reefer
      Coral reefer
      This event does not ask anyone to bring anything, except themselves. If you have things you want to frag then it's fine to bring and hopefully someone more experienced can help. I hope you can make it.
      On another note, start a tank journal here. We will do our best to help you achieve improved success with you tank and corals.
    6. glee
      sorry, I cant make this awesome event. family going up to the snow.
    7. Wlachnit
      Wlachnit looks like we have eight that are coming as of now. If you are coming, please reply to this thread. I do plan on having food and refreshments. (perhaps ribs or pulled pork depending on RSVP).

      Also, do we have any volunteers for leading some of the fragging?
    8. rygh
      I was planning on going to Yosemite, but they just announced that campgrounds are closing.
      Yearly winter scout trip. Lots of preparation. Had 31 scouts planning to go....
      < insert rant on president and what he can do with his wall here >

      On the plus side, should be able to go to frag workshop now.
    9. Apon
      there will be food? ok I will come and I will have CFM tickets if needed for anyone.
    10. MolaMola
      Can you camp NEAR Yosemite instead and go there during the day? Don't know if nat'l forest is not available, but there's lots of places just outside the park to camp. Also some private campgrounds. I don't want you and the scouts to miss the trip!
    11. xcaret
      Diamond O is nice, there’s Yosemite Lakes but more $$
    12. rygh
      We are looking at alternatives, yes. Pretty sure national forest sites will be closed also.
      Part of the fun is camping in tents on the snow, which may be missing for lower elevations.
      And then Yosemite itself may close, or be a total zoo.

      There is a scout camp at Shaver Lake that is a potential.
    13. 2manyhobbies
      I will be there. Just need an address.
    14. Wlachnit
      I will post the address on the first post. I will also need a list of first names as I live in a gated community. It looks like 11 people are coming and 3 maybes.
    15. Wlachnit
      I think this what attendance looks like right now. Please let me know if I'm missing someone.

      Mike B
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    16. xcaret
    17. Flagg37
      I wonder what they’d do if you gave the guards the user names instead of first names.
    18. Bruce Spiegelman
      Bruce Spiegelman
      Or serial killer names.
    19. JVU
      Bruce’s is the scariest
    20. Jeff Rehling
      Jeff Rehling
      i'm in

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