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Discussion in 'Coral' started by tiwoo, Sep 17, 2017.

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    How did you add your corals to your tank it may have been a lack of proper acclimation that would be my first guess

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    If in fact your NO3 is 1 and po4 is 0 you will have a hard time showing any growth. Corals need NO3 and po4 for nutrition. I personally would get the NO3 up to 5-10, and po4 up to .03 to .08. There is a big misconception that corals need very low NO3 and po4. There are numerous articles on reef2reef that stability, water flow and lighting is much more important.

    Dick Flanagan
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  3. Dick is right. Agree with everything Dick said.
  4. tiwoo

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    I acclimated them by poring a bit of water every 5-10 mins for about 40 minutes to an hour then i dipped them for 10ish minutes each using coral revive @rcaron20

    @F6553066 yes i know that it should be exactly 0, but with API test kits you cant really get the exact number down the the decimal
  5. I actually dose nitrates to get it between 2-10 ppm
  6. tiwoo

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