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Discussion in 'Tank Journals' started by Darcy Vasudev, Sep 6, 2014.

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    Dump that boyfriend! ;)

    Things will rebound. It happens to all of us.
    My tank was nice .... Now, because of my wife's car .... long story.
    Which, incidentally, is why shared corals are tougher ... they have to be.

    You need some branching hammer and neon toadstools!
    That is what I usually give out and recommend to new tanks.
    Very hardy, looks nice, and does not become a plague like Kenya/Xenia can.

    You mentioned Geneva -- are you in East Bay near Union City. I might be able to make some frags.
  2. Aw Mark, thanks for the sympathy! Sorry to hear your wife's car conspired against you (goes to stalk your posts). That also reminds me of one time that I had purchased a cleaner shrimp and then stopped at Vik's Chat house to grab a quick snack, and I had an allergic reaction to some cashew fragments there, and my (now ex) husband had to drive me to the Emergency Room. My whole face swelled up and I couldn't even open my eyes. Pumped up on epinephrine and benadryl I was telling him to go home and acclimate that shrimp asap! But I digress... I think in the future I may do what some people do and have a pro come in and do the maintenance while I am on the road. Thanks to Geneva I already have some gorgeous branching hammer coral and torch (which are still thriving despite the neglect, so they'll be at the next frag swap). I would very much be interested in a snippet of neon toadstool but only if you have some to spare. I live in Oakland and I love meeting other reefers even when frags aren't involved. :) On the bright side, my tank is not a total catastrophe, as in, it didn't crash. I think a larger tank would be better for my travel schedule because the water parameters tend to be more stable. ;)
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    Uh Oh... You are DOOOOMED!!

    Yeah, having a pro or BAR friend is far better for tank sitting.
    Even worse is someone with really good intentions ... they overfeed that hungry fish again, and again, and again.
    Oops, why did everything die?

    I was going to make a whole bunch of toadstool frags for the next swap. I will reserve 1 or 2.

    Now I am trying to remember if I gave Geneva a branching hammer. ??
  4. Lol, well ages ago I had 100 gallon reef, but my (ex)husband deemed it an "unreasonable hobby". I had kept this little 20g FOLR (and shrooms) for about 6 years and just recently decided I wanted to do enjoy it once again. So everything I know about reefing is somewhat dated. I don't think I had even heard of a chalice coral 10 years ago.
  5. P.S. @swayd the zoa/paly you gave me are also doing great, especially the orangey colored ones!
  6. swayd

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    Nice I'm glad you're back on here lol. I can't wait to see you tank and just an FYI Petco is having a sale lol. I just picked up a 40b. If you need any help let me know and I might have some new stuff for you soon when I frag haha.

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  7. Geneva

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    Uh no, not me - I feel left out!!! Just kidding (I have a hammer)....
  8. HiFidelity

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    every time I entrusted someone to look after the tank it went south while I was gone, granted I was never gone more than a few days still a fist full of flakes has phosphates by the truck load, I never saw algae in my tank till someone else was feeding it, you live and you learn.

    I must say that having a member here willing to rush to my house and literally save my entire livestock when my tank sprung a leak while I was travelling was an immeasurable benefit, I always credit the wonderful community here for that. More than one person were willing to help but of course the first to arrive was the critical choice.

    If you like palys I have a ton and lately I've been considering selling them off by the colony (50 heads+ each) so I don't mind giving you some before they're gone, I must admit they are nothing fancy I know that I have nuke green palys ready to go as well as some bluish/green ones (I'm awarded worst at remember coral names around here) I'm in Hayward if you're interested. I also have some Green Slimer that I put in DBTC recently you'd also be more than welcome to grab a frag, oh and some frogspawn LPS that's overgrowing as well so that's 4 that I can list off the top of my head....
  9. @swayd I wanted to show you the growth of the palythoas you gave me. It's been about 6 months I think. First the frag when you gave it to me (the powdery colored frag was about the same size, but I forgot to document it). And next, how they look today, and lastly the blue ones today. :)

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  10. swayd

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    That's super awesome. I'm glad they did well for you. I actually don't even have frags of those anymore lol. How's the rest of your coral doing?

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  11. @swayd do you want some back? I am happy to give some back if you want to replenish your stocks. Otherwise I will bring frags to the next swap :) . Most of my coral is doing well or recovering from the damage in November. I'm doing one more water-change before I go to Mexico next week and I will have to do daily check-ins with my boyfriend to make sure he is topping off the tank, etc... If he effs up again this time I am going to be really upset to say the least. It's amazing how much can be undone in just a couple of weeks of negligence.
  12. swayd

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    No thank you. I think the swap is a better way to spread them lol. Oh no hopefully he keeps everything in check! You must love to travel huh??!! Lol

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  13. I do love to travel, but I also get paid to do it. :) Otherwise I'm sure it wouldn't be quite so often.
  14. swayd

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    Im so Jelly!!!!
  15. I am very proud of my boyfriend, and my tank is looking great upon my return, the browned out corals are colored back up for the most part. I guess I will keep him a while longer.

    Frags for the upcoming swap :
    Orange palythoa
    Powder blue (?) palythoa
    Green Hammer coral
    Hairy Rhodactis 'shroom
    Maybe one other turquoise shroom

    And a couple freebies:
    Red Sea Xenia
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  16. Enderturtle

    Enderturtle Volunteer

    Good to hear your tank survived! The set up looks good. No sump i see?
  17. No sump on this tank, just super simple, less that can go wrong. :)
  18. [​IMG]Had a great time at the frag swap yesterday and got some awesome pieces. Tried to take some pics today. :)

    Duncan coral[/url] by HennaLounge, on Flickr[/IMG] [​IMG]Duncan coral by HennaLounge, on Flickr

    The Pink Sand Dollar Monti is entrancing me with the uniformity of it's little hairy polyps! So pretty. You can see above it some Cloves, the only coral in my tank which did not come from a swap or another hobbyist, and they will be in the next swap for sure, as well as the Hollywood Stunner on the right.
    [​IMG]Montipora Venosa aka Pink Sand Dollar Monti by HennaLounge, on Flickr

    The Miami Hurricane was an unexpected surprise, loving the color and texture of it. I hear it's indestructible, so no doubt I will bring this to the next swap too.

    [​IMG]"Miami Hurricane Chalice" Echinophyllia by HennaLounge, on Flickr
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  19. Enderturtle

    Enderturtle Volunteer

    Nice pieces! Didnt you get ahruks acan too?
  20. @Enderturtle yes, I got @Ahruk 's Acan, and it's awesome. It's just in a position in my tank where I couldn't really get a good photo. I'll try again at night, as there is a lot of glare on the glass during the day. It's also expanded and really beautiful and I am going to place small pieces of rock nearby hoping to encrust it enough to be ready to frag by this Fall.

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