DBTC beginners- flo. gr. star polyps, kenya tree, flo. gr. Sarchophyton, snails

Discussion in 'DBTC - Softies' started by Lyn, Oct 1, 2008.

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  1. Lyn

    Lyn Guest

    This is my first time posting DBTC frags. I hope I am doing it right. :)

    I would like to give away:

    -5 frags of flourescent green star polyps (low-high light)

    -12 frags of Kenya tree coral (variable med. light, doesn't like hard flow) Jim Adelberg gave parent to me. He said someone else gave it to him. (from BAR perhaps?)

    -4 frags flourescent green polyp Sarcophyton (med. to med/high light, doesn't like hard flow) (These are unconventional frags since the coral fragged itself. It was in a high flow area and started lysing itself around the stalk like a donut, so I helped it along. The frags have attached to rubble and polyps are out.) Parent originally from IPSF in Hawaii.

    -3 groups of 5 each - Hawaiian Strombus snails

    Conditions: Current member of BAR. Beginner-Intermediate level and have not received a DBTC coral within the last 3 months. If you have never received one, you will be first in line. (Honor system applies) Must have stable conditions for softies. Give at least 3 frags back to DBTC of each coral and 3 groups of Strombus snails, but more is preferable to continue in the true spirit of DBTC. Must be able to pick up at the next meeting. I think it is October 11th?

    Please post your qualifications. Specify what you want. I will make decisions by tomorrow. If you do not fit all qualifications, and would still like some of the above, go ahead and post, I'll put you on the list in case all are not claimed. ;)
  2. Elite

    Elite Guest

    [quote author=Lyn link=topic=4706.msg57280#msg57280 date=1222918302]

    -12 frags of Kenya tree coral (variable med. light, doesn't like hard flow) Jim Adelberg gave parent to me. He said someone else gave it to him. (from BAR perhaps?)

    I gave Jim a bunch of Kenya tree before I shutdown my old tank.. Maybe those are from me..
  3. Lyn

    Lyn Guest

    Could be...although I thought he said it was a woman who brought it in. Was it last summer that you gave it to him? Want some back? :)
  4. Elite

    Elite Guest

    oh.. I'm not a woman ;D .. got to be someone else...

    I can't put that thing in my tank.. my old 100G tank was loaded with those.. They were out of control.. ;D
  5. Lyn

    Lyn Guest

    Ha ha, you feel my pain...growing pains, that is... ;)
  6. Lyn

    Lyn Guest

    Phong, I have a question for you... Did your kenya tree spontaneously frag itself? Do you remember what kind of conditions it was in?
  7. Elite

    Elite Guest

    yup they frag themself. They live in all kind of condition. Here is an old pic. This was about 1/20 of what I had...
  8. pixelpixi

    pixelpixi Guest

    I'd like a Sarcophyton. I've received a DBTC within three months, but I meet the other requirements.
  9. Lyn

    Lyn Guest

    Thanks for the picture Phong. Hope you don't mind me making reference to it.

    If anyone wants to know what my sarcophyton looked like before it got fragged, it was very similar to Elite's picture above. Also the photo shows Kenya tree which surrounds the Green Sarcophyton. Grows fast, but is very pretty.
  10. cwolfus

    cwolfus Past President

    Hi Lyn.

    Great job starting out your DBTC additions with a bang.

    One request, please open a separate thread for each type of DBTC animal (one for the GSP, another for the strombus, etc.). Ideally all these animals will be spread around for generations and people will post back to this thread each time. Tracking all the different animals in one thread will become very difficult.

    Kudos to you!

  11. Lyn

    Lyn Guest

    Hi Cwolfus,

    Thank you for the pointer. Since I have only one person interested thus far, I'll open separate threads now. Should I remove or lock this topic? I do not know what that will do.

    Do not worry Pixelpixi. You are still on my list. :)
  12. cwolfus

    cwolfus Past President

    I would just post 4 new topics and call this one closed.

    -- looks like you already did! ;)

    Keep up the BAR style reefiness!


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