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Discussion in 'DBTC - LPS' started by Nav, Sep 28, 2015.

Green Hammer
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  1. Nav

    Nav Guest

    DBTC Rules
    1. I use "DBTC" as a backup in case my coral dies.
      1. This means you give me a frag(when extras are available) if mine dies.
      2. My goal is to have a backup, NOT to pass around free coral to everyone.
      3. When you have frags available, add them to this DBTC so we can get more people to have this coral so we can all have backups.
    2. Must have established tank.
    3. Cannot SELL this coral until you've given away 1 frag of this to someone in this DBTC .
      • This is an honor based system. I (and this club) will remember to not give you any future frags if you break this condition.
    4. Keep me updated if this thing dies or if you get rid of it.
    Lineage @Geneva

    This one is a single head. I might post a 2 head soon...

    If you're interested in joining this DBTC post here and I'll choose the person. Pickup in Santa Clara.

    ham_01.jpg ham_02.jpg
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  2. Geneva

    Geneva Guest

    @Nav, I didn't realize this had survived! This originated from Aquarium Concepts and was 3 tiny heads when I bought it. It grew to cantaloupe size so I fragged it many times and even gave a giant chunk to Aquatic Collections! I learned the hard way when redoing my rockscape that it did not like much flow as it died (I think it was the flow as I can't figure out what else changed). Luckily, I was able to get a frag back from @Darcy Vasudev and it is happy again! Thanks for sharing!
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2015
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  3. Seaslugteam

    Seaslugteam Guest

    Sign me up please.
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  4. Nav

    Nav Guest

    @Seaslugteam, this one is yours :) I'll PM you regarding pickup...
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  5. Nav

    Nav Guest

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  6. bravebluerx

    bravebluerx Guest

    Thanks again Nav, all is doing well!
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  7. Seaslugteam

    Seaslugteam Guest

    Hi Nav,
    I think I'm going to back out of this DBTC. The pictures looks pretty sweet but I have been neglecting my tank recently due work reasons. While the tank is doing fine, I don't want the frag do die due to negligent. I'll sit out until I think I have more time again :).
  8. dochou

    dochou Supporting Member

    I'm interested at Seaslugteam's frag. I'd love to grow it out. Please consider me for this.
  9. Nav

    Nav Guest

    @dochou I'll PM you when I'm back to CA, right now out of the country...
  10. dochou

    dochou Supporting Member

    Thank you!
  11. Nav

    Nav Guest

    The 2 head hammer is still available. @dochu decided to let somebody else have it...
  12. Corallus

    Corallus BOD

    I would love to give this a try!
    If you're around this weekend, I could come by and pick it up.
  13. reefstud

    reefstud Guest

    Perfect timing, If you still have more, I'd like to be next in line. :)

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